Useful Tips for Reducing Paper Towel Wastage

About 90% of the American families use paper towel for cleaning, did you know that an average person living in United States utilizes 2400 to 3000 paper towel sheets at work per year? Approximately, 13 million pounds of toilet papers are racked up in the landfills each year. Considering total wastage on per day basis, you will be astonished to know that, around 3000 tons of paper towels will be used before midnight, today. These droppings weigh more than 3000 economy cars. Paper towel is being used very carelessly and we should stop before it’s too late.

Around 17 trees and 20,000 gallons of water produces a ton of paper towel, almost 51,000 trees are slayed everyday to satisfy our daily usage. US landfills are filled with paper products, over 40% of these landfills are covered with paper junk, which makes paper industries, the third largest contributor to global warming.

So what can I do about it? Is this the question that struck your mind, if yes, you must know that if one can save a paper towel a day, the total amount which can be saved will be 571,230,000 pounds in a year. It’s a huge amount, isn’t it?

· Choosing recycled Toilet papers at the general store is one way you can be eco-friendly.

· Using Cloth towels for spills and drying hands can also be of some help.

· Practicing “Shake and Fold” method adds, it means, shake your hands well after washing and fold a sheet of toilet paper before drying your hands. Usually, this job takes you 4 to 5 sheets but it can all be done with one sheet.

· Using newspaper to soak oil from dishes like Fried potatoes, etc is a good idea. “What, do you want to poison me?” this may be your reaction but let me tell you that they are all printed with soy ink these days, and Italians are doing this for years.

· Stop putting hot cooks in the refrigerator with kitchen paper to soak dampness, natural cooling adds the taste.

· Avoid using kitchen towels for clean up jobs like organic liquids, pet poops, etc.

It’s very important to think what are we leading ourselves to, Armageddon or a complete annihilation of human race. Don’t you think so? Unnatural rainfalls, Excessive Heat, Unbearable Cold, Diseases and Global warming, what are we leading us to – a complete extinction of human race. I read few line in a book, “Humans will be the cause of their own destruction” and I think this is true. We all know the reason for life on earth, Save Trees, Use paper products legitimately. We together can make a difference.

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