It’s Time To Crack Them


Every person in this globe wants to achieve something or make miracles in his/her life. Be it in a professional or personal front, a Go getter attitude is very essential for a complete makeover of the personality. This usually happens when a person goes to crack an Interview. Several newbies would freak out by sitting in panel interviews or just answering the basic questions. It’s not that they are not talented. No one is a loser. You just need a bit of a push from your inside to flare up those guts. There are a few things to keep in mind when you enter that office building to shape the step of your future. This is the time when he has to combine the three elements in him to become the eye catcher in front of the interviewer, and to make him believe that He is the Right Man to uplift his organization.


Rapport, Chemistry and Impression are the three rudiments which make a candidate complete. These interviews are culturally driven. Norms may seem different across the areas, like for e.g., here we may address a person senior or junior to us as “Sir” or “Madam” in western parts they call by name itself or Mr. or Miss. Good mannerisms, confidence and proper formal attire with certain other factors will certainly help at the initial stage. Just remember, the employers love the job not the job seeker. Some of the crucial points to keep in mind are: Keep a brief idea about concepts like the current affairs, the daily motions that occur. It would add a feather to your basket of knowledge.


Enhance interpersonal skills to identify the opposite person. What he wants and what you should give. Be impeccable in speaking. Even if you feel stressed, don’t be a bit impertinent or you will be out. They test you, and your patience so be prepared and go with a purpose.


Last but not the least, know about the company. A brief history is always a positive aspect. Ask the questions (do not backfire if you have some different information).

Know about the surroundings, the staff, the behavioral aspect of the seniors, and then lastly the salary, important but touched practically. Show them that you are an asset to the company.


LAW- Looks, Actions and words are the fringes that will support the castle of success.

No one has to be afraid of those interview sessions anymore. You all have it in you, that fairy of knowledge which is ready to open up her wings. Come fly over the MNC’S NOW!!

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