How To Make A Modern Kitchen Work For You

Even if you don’t like cooking and cleaning, a modern kitchen will make these jobs so much more tolerable. And if you already love cooking, then a modern kitchen will make you probably never want to leave your kitchen!

Every kitchen is made up of the same essentials, but what sets apart a modern kitchen is its design. We help you modernise your kitchen and make it work with a few simple tips.

Know the basics of design

You don’t have to be a designer to know the basics of kitchen design. For instance, every modern kitchen will have a range, a sink and a refrigerator. Now, what is important is not their brand but their placement or positioning. They should be placed not too far away from each other. They are known as the work triangle. A modern kitchen will be compact, and these three kitchen essentials will be placed in such a way that they will be convenient and effective for those cooking in the kitchen. Even if there is more than one person working in the kitchen, they won’t bump into one another. The placement of these items is crucial to make this happen. The triangle should also interconnect with the kitchen island or other projecting cabinets/countertops. There are specific measurements to be followed to make the positing of all these items as convenient as possible. A kitchen designer will be able to guide you with the right information after analysing your kitchen.

Make entertaining area separate

People love to entertain their guests in a modern kitchen as it is very convenient. However, if the kitchen is not planned properly, the guests won’t feel very comfortable. A modern kitchen should have the entertaining areas independent of the work triangle. So that guests can eat appetizers, enjoy a drink, and at the same time they won’t get in the way of those who are cooking. The entertaining area should have a direct view of the kitchen’s work triangle as well.

Look into the geometry of appliance doors

Opening and closing of appliances like refrigerators and ovens should not interrupt cooking. So take care of the backward and forward movements of the refrigerator doors, the oven and the dishwasher.

The connect between the sink, trash and dishwash

The sink, trash and dishwasher should not be far apart. This should be taken care of while designing the kitchen. After a meal, we first clean the plates, then rinse them and place dishes into the dishwasher. The sink, trash and dishwasher should be placed in that order. The trash should be closest to the dining room table.

Keep refrigerator near the pantry

The refrigerator and pantry should be near the entrance of the kitchen or near a countertop. This will make our job of unloading grocery after grocery shopping easier. We tend to overlook such small details while designing the kitchen. But it is these small matters that make a kitchen work much more effortlessly.

Making a modern kitchen work is easy if you keep these pointers in mind.

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