How To Get Your Electricity Company To Pay You

Is ‘Free Energy’ on the horizon or is it already with us? One can very easily say that every single true discovery that has ever been made was already with us. We just didn’t know it until it was found and shown to us. One of the big problems that we face today are the lies that are being fed to us. Lies by our Governments. Lies by the Media and lies by the banking and globalist corporations.

Is there a conspiracy going on? Did you know, that no sane main stream scientist in Physics today, takes Einsteins Theory of Relativity as being the answer to a Unified Field Theory for the universe? Einstein just doesn’t stack up any more. Yet this has been thrust down our throats through media hype for the last 100 years. We’ve all been brainwashed. Thank God for Nikola Tesla and all those brave scientists that dare to step out of the constraints of Academia. Thank God that they dare to question the mistaken megalithic scientific garbage that is presented to us as science through some of the most renowned universities. If it wasn’t for the ability of those brave scientists to publish their stuff through specialist forums and You Tube, we’d still all be ignorant slaves caught up in a matrix of fear.

In the light of recent discoveries, whereby scientists are looking at space and the vacuum as an infinite source of free energy, more and more scientists are reanalyzing and reinterpretting ancient texts. They are beginning to realize that the ancients knew more about the nature of our Universe than we gave them credit for. The descriptions of our Universe that are found in old biblical and Neoplatonic texts, such as Plotinus, are analogous to recent scalar technologies and torsion field hyperdimensional vector studies that have led scientists to abandon Einstein and to look at the Aether in a totally knew way.

How does all this help you to pay your electricity bill? Well, if it wasn’t for the guys who go way out there with the physics, then we wouldn’t be able to translate what they discover into workable everyday systems that we can implement in our homes.

We’re still a long way from generating free energy. The amount of man hours and money necessary to pour into the research, is not being directed to those private individuals capable of doing the required work to make the technology available to everyone. Research may be being done secretly using tax payers money and this technology may be withheld from us.

In any case, we are compelled to look at low cost alternatives that are available to us. Although these alternatives may not be perfected, it is up to anyone who is capable of turning a spanner to build and improve what we have. That’s the only way that we’ll set ourselves free from the Grid.

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