How to Buy Custom Range Hoods

Choosing a range hood isn’t easy, there are so many important factors you are going to want to take into consideration to ensure you choose the right design, size and material that will not only offer you the benefits you expect, but will also be aesthetically pleasing in your new kitchen space.

One of the first things you are going to want to focus on when it comes to buying custom copper range hoods is the purpose. Are you looking for something that is purely gong to be a visual product of your kitchen or are you looking for an item which will extract the odors of cooking and the steam to provide you with a cleaner kitchen and reduce the risk of odors spreading through the home? This is a very important step in the custom design process, knowing what you expect based on your kitchen design and location will help you determine the right type of custom range hood that will meet your unique needs and requirements.

Then there is the particular type of design you are going to need. Where is your stove based in the kitchen? Do you have cupboards overhead? This means you are going to need an under cabinet custom copper range hood, which sits just below the cabinets and still provides you with the convenience and benefit you will enjoy for years to come.

The next option, and also one of the most common choices, is the wall mounted custom range hood. This hood attaches directly to the wall above the stove, it reaches almost to the ceiling, sometimes all the way to the ceiling with a vent which goes through the wall to the outdoors, where all the food odors and steam are transferred. This is a great design and the perfect choice if you don’t have cabinets over the stove and your stove is pushed up against one of the walls in your kitchen.

The final option to consider is the ceiling mounted custom copper range hood which is mounted directly to the ceiling with a vent that will then go from the ceiling and push to the outdoors. While similar in design to the wall mount, this particular design is ideal if you have a centre kitchen island which houses your hob and / or oven. This way the odors will be removed without issue and you can still enjoy the benefits of an extraction hood even though your stove sits in the middle of your kitchen.

Another very important decision you will want to identify is whether you intend using a gas or electric stove. Ensure with the supplier that the custom copper range hood you choose will work with your heating choice. You do get some hoods which are specifically designed for one or the other, so this is definitely something you will want to focus on.

Look at the maintenance requirements of the item. What do you need to do to ensure it works at its best at all times. The supplier should also provide you with assistance when it comes to care and cleaning, such as the best way to clean the copper range hood, if you have chosen copper to how to clean the grease filters.


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