Hire a Maid to Protect the Environment

Cleaning should be all about efficiency – using the best products to provide the best results in the fastest time possible, preferably with as little effort as possible. Without a doubt, there is a variety of professional products out there and if you go to your local department store, you will find an overwhelming number of options. Until a few years ago, people chose cleaning services and products based on their efficiency and the last thing they wanted to know was the ingredient list of the products used. However, with the increasing awareness on global warming and pollution, it has become a necessity to replace harmful products with safe, eco-friendly products that do not pollute water. Tests have shown time and time again that seemingly innocent substances can have severe impact on the environment, which is why the top rated house cleaning companies throughout the world decided to make a collective effort and replace their regular products with something more eco-friendly, that does not cause damage to nature in the long run.

Residents might have been a bit reluctant at first, probably because they associated safer and gentles cleansers products with high costs or reduced efficiency. Nowadays, however, they ask about green cleaning services when they hire maids, because it is important for them to know that they will not harm the environment in the process of cleaning their homes. It is important to point out that the benefits of using safer products cannot be seen only somewhere in the distant future. On the contrary, you can notice the difference just as you start using them. For example, if you have worked with cleaning companies before, it has probably happened to you to come back at home after the maid left and notice a weird, chemical air that was difficult to breathe. This happened because those products were not eco-friendly. Today, the general trend among professional providers is to switch from conventional products to modern alternatives that don’t damage the environment.

This is a necessary action, because companies have received many complaints from clients who have experienced allergic reactions after coming in contact with surfaces cleaned with harsh products. Even more worryingly, the American Food and Drug Administration reported that the high concentration of antibacterial ingredients in soaps and cleansing agents can damage skin tissue and even lead to a development of resistance against antibiotics. If you hire a maid only once or twice a year, for seasonal cleaning, you might not be exposed to such as considerable risk, but if she comes by every week and uses the same harsh products, continuous exposure could lead to adverse effects. Even higher caution should be paid if you have small children in your family, or people who suffer from allergies or skin sensitivity. All in all, green cleaning services are an option that you should consider, because they provide safe solutions for your home and use ingredients that do not harm the environment or expose you to health risks. Before working with a specialized provider, ask about the products that the company uses and make sure you opt for the most eco-friendly choice.