Green Living Made Simple

Green Living seems to be a staple in marketing circles these days. Products are showing more and more green coloring in their labels. ‘Earth-friendly’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are promotional buzzwords. And grassroots movements for local consumables is gaining momentum. With the constant barrage of marketing materials pushing ‘green’, it can border on obnoxious.

Border on obnoxious? How about full fledged ad nauseum?

Unfortunately, the overuse of ‘green’ buzzwords and the guilt-driven marketing associated with it can overshadow the importance of true green living. What exactly is Green Living and why should we attempt to be green?

To simplify, the answer is: The Future. The future of our children and our planet depend on it. Adopting a green lifestyle represents a slow burn of decision making that cares about tomorrow as much as today.

Green Living is you and me, the guy next door, and as many people as we can collect to actively engage in decision making that is best for the future for our children and for our planet.

We don’t eat the same foods, drive the same cars, have kids the same age or live the same lives. We are all different and therefore it boils down to the decisions we make each and every day as to whether we are thinking only about right now or acting in the best interests of the next generation.

A simple example could be a trip to the grocery store. Someone oriented towards Green Living would probably have reusable grocery bags. The trip to the store would be lumped in with other errands (as opposed to multiple single trips which uses more gas). And food choices would be produce from the United States over imports (less fuel costs), fresh foods instead of frozen (frozen uses more electricity to preserve plus uses more power to process), and would avoid processed, packaged foods due to an aversion to preservatives that are harmful to the body.

A non-Green Living person would keep the car idling in the parking lot while shopping. Groceries would be toted in plastic bags that are thrown in the trash and not recycled. Dinners for children would come out of a box and be loaded with fake additives and preservatives sure to crank up any and all behavior symptoms.

Both shoppers have easy choices and opting for ‘green’ doesn’t have to be a chore.

Green Living is not difficult. It represents daily decisions that add up to make a healthier, happier existence. So forget all the marketing hype trying to sway you into a Green Living Guilt Trip. Just make simple decisions that use less resources, promote health and wellness, and produce less waste.

The future depends on it.

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