Five Simple Interview Mistakes That May Cost You the Job

The job market is heating up and there is a lot of competition for every position. While it’s great to get your resume noticed and make it through the phone interview to the face to face interview you shouldn’t consider the position a lock. Many times a hiring manager is going to bring in as many as 10 people for one position. So when interviewing it is important to be prepared and not make little mistakes that can cost you the position. Here are 5 mistakes people have made that cost them a job.

1. Most of us are taught to be on time. This is especially important when you are meeting someone for a job interview. It’s a great idea to be a little early, so you are calm and collected when the interview begins. Plan ahead, map out your travel ahead of time and account for traffic. Being late is a red flag, it says you don’t have good planning skills or respect for other’s time. This can get you bumped out of the running before the interview even begins.

2. These days recruiters and hiring managers find candidates’ resumes on-line and from job websites so it’s a good idea to bring hard copies of your resumes for the interview. Bring a few in case more than one manager joins the interview. Do not make the assumption that the hiring managers have a copy. If you do not bring copies you will not look prepared, leaving a poor impression and getting you bounced out of the process.

3. Many companies have casual Friday and a relaxed atmosphere. Do not assume because the company has a modern office that you can wear relaxed attire. Always wear a suit or proper business dress, unless specified ahead of time. Not wearing a suit conveys the message that you are unprofessional and not taking the interview seriously, giving them an excuse to make the list of finalists shorter.

4. Interviewing is a chance for both parties, the hiring company and the candidate, to get to know each other and see if there is a fit. Do your homework and research the company before the interview. This way you know if the company lines up with your goals and expectations and if the hiring manager asks you questions about the company you are prepared. If you have not reviewed the website, corporate mission and products, you may not look like you are genuinely interested in the company and the job, getting you knocked out of the running.

5. Ever hear the saying “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”? This is the same in the job interview. If you are interested in the company and the position, let it be known. Close the interview by letting the hiring manager know you are interested in the position and find out what is the next step in the process. If you do not verbally let the interviewer know you are interested they may make the assumption you are indifferent, and they will go with a candidate that seems excited about the opportunity.

Competition is steep in the job market and it is important to set yourself apart with your accomplishments and job skills. Don’t ruin your chances by not paying attention to the little things. It is the little things you can control that can make or break you landing your dream job.

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