ATV or Golf Cart; A Gentleman’s Decision Indeed

Many gentlemen consider their Golf Cart decision paramount to a happy retirement. But who says you are stuck shopping in the Golf Cart Category when there are hybrid ATV models to consider these days? For instance Kawasaki makes a four passenger Mule series in its 3010 model. It is quite a great little unit and it is much stronger, faster and more reliable than a golf cart.

In fact, Former President Bush bought one to get around on and it is quite a cool little unit. If you live in a gated golf cart community or in a place where most people shuttle around on golf carts, perhaps you would rather look into a four passenger ATV, with better performance and reliability too?

Not a bad little unit at all and about the same cost as a golf cart too. Plus it can do more than a golf cart. It carries much more weight and is so much more versatile too. More and more people are looking into these options and it is fueling a new frenzy and trend with ATV manufacturers these days. Honda also makes a similar unit, which seems to be very nice also. So, please consider all this in 2006.

Update: in 2016 there have been many a picture of President Obama in his Cart, called Golf Cart 1, after the famous Marine One, or Air Force One. The Cart is equipped with many technologies although no one knows for sure as much of the extra equipment is indeed classified as well it should. He has a Cart in Hawaii and one in Washington DC. Occasionally, he might be seen in a non-government issued Cart but that is rare.

If Hillary Clinton is elected her husband will use the cart although his health doesn’t allow him to play much golf and Donald Trump who does play golf and owns his own golf courses will surely use Golf One, but will he request an upgrade to the cart? Or is it sufficient to meet his high expectations and approval? Time will tell.

Each time a US President is seen in the media on the golf course it sure helps the golf industry with new people signing up and new equipment being sold, almost as much as when Tiger Woods is playing in a major tournament that is highly televised. These carts are getting better every year it seems. Please think on this.

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