ATV Off Road Rage!

Road Rage is not only for the Freeways and Toll Ways of LA, Boston or Chicago these days, as you can find road rage off road as well. As a matter of fact I have seen some incredible road rage off road amongst ATV enthusiasts. Sometimes attitude and high-performance ATVs do no mix.

It all starts when some goes a little too nuts or is inconsiderate and sends a rooster tail of dust all over young children with their family riding ATVs. The little rocks and dirt hurts and upsets the kids and infuriates the father who is immediately enraged. Of course the culprit is long gone by then and so all the father can do is cuss and swear under his breath and the mom thinks that this ATV thing was a really bad idea and says it costs way too much too.

Later in the day the dad is out riding with some other men and sees the same punk inconsiderate kid who blasted his children earlier in the day and he has not forgotten and is rather ticked still and then he confronts the imbecile and then the words fly and this can lead to a chase or fist fight if the kid gets off the ATV and challenges the dad. No one wins when this happens, but ATV off road rage is alive and well and you can find it on a full moon perfect riding night too.

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