You Are Not Selling What You Think You Are – The 3 Reasons To Get Clear On The Product You Offer

Many business owners do not understand the product or service they are selling. Because of this, they have difficulty having a successful business. A large percentage of small businesses fail, and I believe this is a primary cause of that. It is crucial for a solid business foundation to get clear on this. Without clarity, a business will struggle to promote itself, and it will be difficult to achieve success.

Your product will not sell itself. In fact, your product is not the reason people will buy from you. Here are the three reasons to get clear what the product or service is that you are offering.

1) 90% of purchases are subconscious – Experts tell us that our subconscious mind is always processing information we receive and that it is not consciously thinking. We run on autopilot with our subconscious mind in control. Because of this, 90% or all purchases are unconscious, and brands that evoke emotions in their customers are always more successful. People buy based on feelings and emotions and then justify their purchases with logic.

Why is it that successful realtors have freshly baked cookies available or light scented candles during an open house when selling a property. It is the smell that makes a house a home for most people. The emotion that they can evoke will be what the prospective buyer buys and not the properties attributes.

2) Product Overload – Everywhere we look these days, we see products and advertisements. A product or service does not sell itself. There are so many places where consumers can purchase the same or similar items.

Walk down the cereal aisle; it is the product placement and the packaging that has more effect on purchasing than what is inside the box. All those different types of cereals are competing to be bought, and it’s not the product that is the reason for the sale.

3) Collective Thought – Humans are a pack animal. We need the human interaction and connection. Our distant ancestors had to live and work as clans, or groups, to survive. They needed to be accepted by their peers to be part of the community, if not they were kicked out and forced to survive on their own, usually with deadly consequences. That need is still active in us.

Opinions of others have a more significant effect on purchasing habit than what the product itself. Do you need the newest version of a vehicle with all the gadgets, or will a cheaper version do? Customers purchases are more about what it says about them rather than any real need.

Getting clear on what it is you are selling is one of the critical foundation pieces for business. It will help you streamline it. In the end, my client decided what she was selling was nostalgia, the sense of going to grandma’s house and having her bake cookies when she was younger. Knowing this, helped her tailor the feel of her shop and her marketing efforts.

Discovering what product your business is selling is one of the critical components to building a strong foundation. Having a secure foundation in place enables you to create an extraordinary business, and do it quicker and more reliably.

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