Without Pity

These are the times that try men’s souls. If you really think about it. The times of today where so much anger, hate, confusion and bewilderment about what the hell is happening to our world defies logic. From a pandemic that should never have been, to an unimaginable global humanitarian crisis and our own government where those little minds {Republican and Democrats} keep tearing this nation apart contributes toward the downward trajectory of mankind.

In the United States those little minds in government keep addressing contingencies that have had no effect on relieving the horrific conditions millions face each day. Instead they have proven again how pathetic, callous and arrogant the powers of government really are.

In the years since JFK and even going way back to 1809 members of congress have displayed a continual self preservation that has only grown over time. By the time JFK took office members of congress had managed to acquire the ambiance and prestige that has been only associated with royalty.

Today, when much of the country is ravaged by the pandemic where job loses and personal incomes for millions have sent too many Americans into the vicious cycle of poverty the pervasive attitudes of not only Republicans but many Democrats align themselves with a Marie Antoinette attitude that the royalty had prior to the French Revolution. The provisions of this latest stimulus bill, The American Rescue Plan has already showed the world that the United States is actually a country without pity.

The pittance of the one time $1400 stimulus for people whose income threshold is under $75,000 that was rigorously fought by 50 % of Congress is symbolic of the way our government has morphed this country into a nation without pity. For seniors who have born the brunt of the financial and economic failings of government are now at the mercy of government and the financial industry. The very same industry that not only brought about the worst financial disaster in 2008 by bailing them out and now congress again has rewarded the very same financial institutions with the way the stimulus payments have been authorized to be dispersed.

The unconscionable way both the financial industry and congress have acted for decades toward the American citizen is astounding. This is especially true with this latest so called act of generosity. It is appalling that too many have suffered so much do to the irresponsible acts that our government continues to doll out in response to the many crisis facing millions of Americans.

Today, it really isn’t very pretty what a country without pity can do. We have become bewildered by the world we see, We continue to ask why do people hurt so many? It is because we live in a country without pity. Now, many around the world keep talking about how bad we really are. The way those little minds in Congress behave keep millions living like animals in a cage.

The United States faces many problems where this country needs understanding and benevolent leadership but, instead those little minds keep tearing this nation apart. The way they have tried to help the American citizen has only underscored their contempt toward those less fortunate. And now we ask how can we keep hope alive when we live in a country without pity. No, It really isn’t very pretty what a country without pity continues to do.

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