When Will We Ever Learn

The temptations of today far outreach the level of civility. There has always been periods in history where man loses sight of what is good and virtuous. Today, is no different. Much of society has succumbed to an acceptance, a form of behavior consistent with patterns long since past. A past where too many were subjected to harsh realities imposed upon them by a ruling oligarchy.

Without remorse nor sympathy the hierarchy of society wields a heavy hand of injustices upon the masses. A daily struggle for survival continues through-out the world. Any thought of optimism is quickly dissipated when faced with insurmountable odds of realizing better days ahead. A somber reality, a foreboding premonition prevails knowing that anything we try to do to make our lives better is met with a defiance and systematic counter offensive sabotaging any and every effort we make to overcome the oppression enforced upon our daily lives.

When we here people talk about how things will change once there is a new Administration in the White House we tend to forget the past. The optimism of many today fail to realize that things have only gotten worse. Too many continue to wallow in desperation not realizing not mush if anything will ever change in the years ahead. We are already facing the destructive forces of nature upon our environment. The increasing severity of epidemics, the shortages of food, and fresh water are all too frequent occurrences just because of the ignorance and oblivious callous behavior of the greed imbedded in the oligarchy rule in societies. We seem to be transfixed in our own little world. A apathetic attitude has been handed down from generations since the 1970’s. There has been no balance only an intolerance, an isolationism dominance where people have been inhibited in contributing to humanities well being.

The world has changed since this writer was young. And, not for the better either. With heavy hearts so many lament on the future that lays before mankind. No magic wand could ever replace a world of abundance of all things good and virtuous. Where health and prosperity prevail in all corners of the world. Can mankind purge the inequality upon the masses and attain that brighter future for all? We liked to think so, but, then again.

The chilling thought of days ahead is a firm reminder of how things have progressively gone from bad to worse. The Pandemic of 2020 is a prelude of things to come if humanity remains affixed on the status-quo of today. When bold progressive reforms are needed and have yet to be not only recognized but realized have kept mankind clinging to those lost hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, societies reframe from accepting the reforms that are needed to escape a destiny not of our choosing but one that is chosen for us. When will we ever learn? It is too bad and too sad we have forgotten those famous lyrics from the Kingston Trio’s rendition of “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” For if we had just maybe we will have learned by now what is actually needed to create those better tomorrows.

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