What Do You Need In A New Kitchen?

They say the kitchen is the heart of the house and for many of us, it is the truth. The kitchen is the nerve center of the whole operation, it is where food is prepared, where things are created, where homework is done, where people gather no matter the occasion.

When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, though, what do you really need? Some may say they need more counter space. More counter space beside the fridge, the stove and the microwave gives you a landing space for whatever you happen to be holding or doing near those appliances. More counter space in the form of an island is also a good idea, as it can also house cupboards and shelves, may be mobile (especially good in a small kitchen) and can also house a second sink.

Some may say they need more space period. Sure you can reroute the whole kitchen, gut it and start from scratch or move a wall or two to make everything open concept. Who wouldn’t love a spacious, airy and light eat in kitchen?

You may want to incorporate more electrical outlets because lets face it, there are many things that need to be plugged in in a kitchen. You can never have enough outlets.

Same for recycling, is there ever enough room for it all? Well there can be with dedicated cupboards to store the plastics and metal cans and a drawer to hold all the recyclable newspapers and magazines till pick up day. This keeps them neat and out of the way while being easy to get to any time of day.

Do you want a message center? Perhaps a white board and a chalkboard for writing notes to family members or hanging up kid’s artwork. Again, contain everything to one area and everyone will check it out before leaving for the day.

Maybe your old kitchen doesn’t have functional cupboards, but making the corner cabinets massive lazy Susans is a great idea for a reno. You get tons more room and the shelves will go all the way back to the wall and take up the corner instead of having a bank of drawers that doesn’t make good use of space.

Whatever you decide it’s best to start with a wishlist and make a few sketches of what you want your dream kitchen to look like. It is after all, the most important room in the house.

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