We Hold These Truths To Be Self Evident

History is an invaluable tool for if used wisely the lessons learned chances are history won’t repeat. But, too often it has been our own failure to not heed the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. Today, we find ourselves on the verge of yet another period when history is again playing out similar scenarios that have occurred more than 80 years ago. Though, not much has changed over the past 80 years. Human nature is pretty consistent. There are those who see truths in an entirely different light. Then there are those when they are faced with truths are blinded by their ignorance.

There are always consequences in every action and in many other cases our inaction when confronted with truths. It was Horace Greeley that once said ” When legend becomes fact print legend.” I guess it makes for far more interesting reading not to mention sales generated. We have all been taught how our nation came into being. But, only if we learn the complete unabridged history of our nation can we right the wrongs that have been and still are imposed on the American public.

It is in history that mankind confronts truths. But, too many times when we are taught history there are omissions, certain facts misinterpreted and yes there have always been certain falsehoods on actual events that have occurred. The history of mankind is what it is. And, if we distort, cover up, and mislead components of our history as what we are taught we will not escape from repeating the past. Too many times man has repeated events in history only with different variations, names and dates. But, with outcomes that are quite similar to those in the past. And in so many instances with more disastrous results.

It is a very sad commentary that there has been a set agenda by government which by the way mandates school curriculum’s. For years we were and still are taught history through the eyes of that set agenda by government. The ability to gain and assess knowledge enables one to elevate to a higher plateau. But, when that knowledge is distorted, filled with omissions and falsehoods we are purposely steered in a direction not of our own choosing but in a direction set by government. This has been happening for far too long.

For over a century the education of the American public has been engineered by government. In the teaching of history it is imperative that if we are to avoid mistakes of the past we must be taught the whole truths of history and not a purpose set the agenda that has undermined our ability to elevate ourselves to that higher plateau.

When a population has been led to believe certain facts that hide truths for a set purpose that benefits not the public at large but a small minority ruling class paves the way away from the original intentions of our Founding Fathers. It was only recently that some have begun to question why so many of Americans are not being able to reach that higher plateau. They found out that government, our elected officials for decades have steered the public through their education away from the truth. The deception that has and is played on the American public through their education is the actual cause of why so many are stuck in a cycle of lost opportunities. As a consequence of over 100 years of deceit, half truths and falsehoods have paved the way to where we are today, An oligarchy ruling class that continues.

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