Unfinished Dreams

As the age of my years have caught up the hopes and dreams I had when I was a young man so many have withered and died on that vine of many lost opportunities. Those bittersweet moments where time slipped away haunt me now. The weathered beaten wrinkles of this tired old face are constant reminders of the hardships I have faced. When I was young I had all the answers, though many a time those answers proved wrong. It wasn’t until I reached middle age that I suddenly realized how smart my father really was.

Someone once said that the measure of ones life is not measured by how many breaths we take but by how many moments that take our breath away. I guess I have been pretty fortunate though because I had those moments where my breath was taken away. Those precious moments now linger in conscious thoughts of memories so dear. As I look back I have weathered so many storms of life along the way and they have made me keenly aware of how fragile life really is. For in a blink of an eye it could be all come to an end. Having seen the world through so many different eyes is the greatest gift each and everyone should experience. For without that knowledge to often the great tragedies will still occur. If we close our eyes or are blinded by our ignorance we become insensitive to the needs of others.

Today, much of the world is ruled by greed and the insensitivity of so many others. Though there is much humanity and humility but it is always against the backdrop of intentious suffering of millions the world over. Some point out that certain leaders think they are doing justice when in actuality their actions only prove how many injustices have occurred. History has always told of infamous leaders whose exploits have led to their downfall. And, in each instance it is always the masses that have suffered.

So far the United States has been spared by the leaders we have chosen to the horrific consequences of a diabolical leader. Unfortunately, through the years of disingenuous policies by our elected officials have managed to point the country away from the very concept of our original founding. When I see the sadness of the world around it evokes a feeling of frustration that so little is being done to ease the pain of life inflicted by others. In their quest to dominate it is always the impoverished millions that continue to languish in hopeless desperation.

In the United States with the Presidential election forthcoming the world is watching. The stakes couldn’t be any higher. Will the US continue to slide into obscurity or will a new day rise to pull America out of the depths of irrelevancy? For far too long we have ignored the warning signs that have led to the greatest collapse of a democratic republic. To many it seems that the deck is already stacked. For decades the American public have been misled into accepting the status-quo that has led the United States to the point to where it is today.

To correct the imbalances that continue to corrupt our political process and our government we must re educate ourselves to the actual travesties perpetrated on the American public that to this day are purposely omitted in our education. To right the wrongs of our past that continue to corrupt our present can only happen when we discover the actual events that have led this country down that path toward obscurity.

Will this country survive when there remains so many unfinished dreams? Remembering the Jefferson Prophecy in the coming Presidential election would enable the American public to have the ability to create the opportunities that would fulfill the hopes and dreams of millions not only in the United States but around the world. In realizing our past of what actually transpired enables us right the wrongs that to this day continue to have so many with unfinished dreams.

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