Tips: How to Clean the Garbage Disposals

We all know having a great garbage disposal connected to your kitchen sink is very useful and handy. The garbage disposals are beneficial for the users with several aspects like providing healthy and hygienic conditions in your kitchen; reducing the dangers of global warming and reducing the environmental pollution and they also save a lot of your time by providing a quick disposal of the food leftovers. So, garbage disposals are indeed very useful, but they also need proper maintenance and cleaning as you don’t want to get your garbage disposal clogged and smell bad. There several techniques to get your garbage disposal cleaned and getting rid of the bad smells coming off from your garbage disposal. Here are some easy and very useful tips for cleaning the clogged and smelly garbage disposals.

· First of all, you will need to clean the visible parts of your garbage dumper. The simplest way to do this is spreading the dish washing solution onto a brush. And then start scrubbing the surface and the visible edges of the disposal with it and also use the brush on the part of the disposal where the rim is connected to the sink, as there might be small food residuals which can give off bad smelling and might cause bacteria as well if not removed duly.

· When you use the garbage disposal it is better if you run the water during the process, for it will assist the unit in getting rid of the food particles that might be trapped in the housing. Also put the stopper in the sink drain, fill water in the basin approximately to the middle point and pour some of the dish-cleaner or vinegar into it and then turn on the disposal to get rid of the food residuals easily.

· You can also use ice and rock salt together for the cleanup of your sink disposal. Just empty a large cup of ice cubes into the disposal and when you switch the disposal unit on also add a half-cup of rock salt into it. The combination of ice cubes and rock salt will easily clean all the residuals of the food particles causing the bad smell.

· Citrus fruits are also another best and simple option to clean your garbage disposal. Cut a lemon, lime or orange into small pieces, remove all the seeds and stuff the pieces into the disposal and turn it on. The juice of these fruits will remove the bad smells, and the peels will provide efficient cleaning of the disposal wall and blades.

· Another effective way to keep your garbage disposal clean and unclogged is to do the routine flushing. When you use the garbage disposal, you must run the hot water through it with pressure for at least a good one minute. It is good enough to flush away the specks through the disposal pipes of your home.

· If you can’t get your garbage disposal easily cleaned then you need to switch to the use of robust cleaning solutions like using the baking soda and vinegar together. But you have to be careful with the rubber flaps of your disposal as they might get damaged with the acidic qualities of the vinegar. Therefore, before going for this cleaning method remove the rubber flaps then fill the drain area fully with baking soda and add vinegar into it then leave the solution for an hour and then rinse it with cold water and run it for at least a minute. The use of vinegar will not only remove the bad smells but also kill the bacteria.

· Another easy way to clean your garbage disposal is using water and bleach. Bleach is also a solution with acidic characteristics which break down the hard food particles into small pieces. Take a gallon of water into a clean container add one tablespoon of liquid bleach into it and then pour the solution into the disposal very carefully and let it sit there for some minutes. Afterward wash out the drain with hot or warm water for a few minutes thoroughly, don’t use cold water as the bleach is anti-bacterial, but it also solidifies the grease if cold water is used.

· If there are large chunks of food or any other things stuck into your garbage disposal then you need to remove them manually with the help of tongs or pliers, never use your hands to remove things from the disposal as it the blades of the disposal may cause you an injury.

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