Those Were The Days

In a world far removed from the harsh realities of now people joined together in fellowship and harmony. A world filled with youthful exuberance where any thought of despair was quickly dispelled. The laughter and gaiety that we shared in those seasons in the sun made our lives from which memories are made. The friendships that were forged so long ago have now faded away. But, those memories have stayed through all the years. Looking back with great fondness I can’t help wonder how the times of today can ensure precious memories when one looks back to today.

As my father used to say those were the days. I guess each generation when they look back gives thanks when they say those were the days. Today, though I question how many when they get old can say those were the days with great appreciation. There is a marked difference in our society compared to the times when I was young. A steady erosion of a vibrant family unit. A decline in morality that coincided with diminished educational and employment opportunities have all shifted society away from the fondness of those were the days of my yesteryears.

Now, I have grown old the marching of time has carried me far away from that distant place when I was young. I have since traveled the world and looked through so many different eyes. All of my travels have given me a whole new perspective when you see things through those different eyes. I have since found out that so many in the United States look through their own eyes looking out. They are not capable of looking at things from the outside looking in. This is one reason why so many today can’t say these are the days with any great fondness. Too many are entrapped in a whirlwind, a vicious cycle of just trying to make ends meet.

Some are more fortunate than so many others. I can’t help wonder if more people were able to look through different eyes from the outside and look in just maybe generation after generation when they look back to the times of their lives can say with great fondness those were the days. Still there are so many unanswered variables that stand in the way to ensure a better present and future. To turn the tables of those who are now in charge is just a first step that will pave the way to enable so many to say those were the days with clarity and great appreciation that they lived in a time of unity, purpose and prosperity.

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