Things You Need To Know About Custom Cabinets

When you are ready to update your kitchen cabinetry you may want to consider custom cabinets built to your exact specifications. There are ready-made cabinets available at many home improvement stores, but custom cabinets are generally built out of higher quality materials.

Before you begin to search for someone to build your custom cabinets you need to have some idea of what features will be the most important to you. The cabinetry will normally consist of:

• Base units that sit on the floor. The base units have a work surface known as a countertop.
• Upper cabinetry can be divided into many sections
• You can get all wood construction of your units or wood cabinet frames with glass doors.
• Corner cabinets are designed to allow you to easily reach everything in the corner of a base cabinet or an upper cabinet
• Custom cabinets may include a custom spice rack, pantry, or pull out drawers instead of stabilized shelving on the base units.

When you talk to the carpenter that will be building and installing your custom cabinets you need to be prepared to make a lot of decisions. They are going to want to know if you have preferences in the wood that will be used on your pieces, what countertop materials you like best, what type of sink you like best, and what colors you will want the units to be.

You will set up an appointment with the cabinet maker so they can come to your home and take measurements of the space you have. The standard kitchen base cabinet unit is 35″, but you can have your base units made taller if you are taller, or shorter to accommodate someone who is in a wheelchair. You are designing this room so express your likes, wants, and dislikes clearly when you are speaking to the carpenter during the planning stage.

Some kitchen cabinets are built in place; meaning the carpenter will come to your home and build the units. They will attach the units to the wall as they build. Some kitchen cabinets are built in the construction shop that the cabinet maker works out of; meaning that they will built the pieces at another location and then deliver them to your home when they are complete.

It takes time for these craftsmen to build quality pieces so be patient with them. It is customary for them to ask for a down payment before they begin working, but do not pay 100% of the job cost up front.

Before the new cabinets can be installed the old pieces must be removed. If you have pieces that can be taken down as one piece you might be able to sell them, or donate them to a charity that works on homes for low income families. Ask your carpenter for their advice on the value of your old units.

When the cabinets are ready to be installed you will need to stay out of the kitchen area while the carpenter is working. The length of time it will take the units to be installed will be determined by the size of your kitchen, the countertops you have chosen, and whether the units were built in place or not.

Custom cabinets can provide you with the look you want your kitchen to have. Custom cabinets [] are generally built out of higher quality materials than the ready-made cabinets are.

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