The Power Of Wealth

The Bible foretells us that the meek shall inherit the earth. Today, much of humanity is still waiting for that to happen. All through-out history it has always been the exact opposite. The meek are the ones that are still being used, abused, ridiculed, trampled on, forced into slavery and still are indentured servants to the ruling class elites. If you are poor you are denied so many opportunities not only to rise above your status in life but, are looked down upon just because you are poor.

It is a very sad commentary for the human race that the world resolves around money. How much you have, how much you are worth, and how much you earn or steal. All are the predominate factors that enables one to control those less fortunate. Even our political process resolves around how much money a candidate or elected official gets is the basis that determines who gets elected. It has always been if you are poor you are at the whims of the powerful few.

In Switzerland there have been numerous times when the very wealthy who exert so much influence and power over societies gather together to decide the fate of populations all over the world. If this isn’t the exact opposite of what the Bible foretells makes you kinda wonder how will the meek will ever gain the equality in a world dominated by so much wealth in the hands of so few.

The United States for years has been governed by a set of standards that have always favored the rich. There remains no equality before the law. The deck is and has been stacked against the impoverished masses. We see evidence of this every day. The plight of the growing homelessness where instead of offering a hand up they are always given a hand out and that only precludes more homelessness.

Is there no end to the greed in the world? This when a few take advantaged of those less fortunate.The price gouging we see so often in times of disasters to the hoarding of much need relief supplies in the aftermath of catastrophes are all to common occurrence’s. As a consequence it is always the less fortunate that bear the brunt of sacrifices in helping so many others. The power elite always looks the other way.

We live in a time of one of the greatest periods of inequality in history. And yet, the powerful few have the audacity to convene in Switzerland to formulate not how to create equality but to ensure the inequality that exists continues. When we listen and see Senator Sanders latest campaign add should make a us think that times could very well be changing. And, that is why so many of the establishment of the media, both Democratic and Republican parties and the rest of the power elite are doing everything possible to make sure Senator Sanders never gets the Democratic nomination let alone win the White House. Their selfishness in a world controlled by their greed has placed humanity at the apex of consequences that defy imagination.

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