The Hour Glass In Time

Everyday lives can be summed up like sand flowing down through the hour glass. The hour glass of life where the experiences of our days shape who you ought to be, what you can be, who you will be and who you really are. Through the years I have tasted caviar, and eaten humble pie. I have witnesses the sublime and have seen the absurd. All of which as the sands of time have eased on down. Now, I have reached that point in life where the sands of time are coming to an end. I have weathered many storms, eased the burden of my uncharacteristic ways, and have come to the conclusion I really did something with my life.

The younger years were filled with bittersweet moments where many a time I was knocked down only to get right back up. Those years too I held my head up high, had moments of athletic triumphs amidst seeing the world through many different eyes. As I reached middle age with hair turning gray I found myself seeing what can be done to ease the burden of lives that are downtrodden. The many faces that show much ware for me is almost too much to bare. I put pen to paper in hopes that many will see. There are solutions but only if we read. And, through the years not many did. The powers that be refused to see. Though, times have changed but the plight of so many has only gotten worse.

As I have gone through the retirement years with hair that has turned white I continue to write. But, the hour glass keeps reminding me I am almost out of time. Now, as we approach a new decade for me there is hope that will never end. I continue to do more as I always have tried. I have begun to realized the years were very unkind. To ease the suffering millions still face where the tragedies of life are keeping a fast pace is reason enough where much more needs to be done.

With a wing and a prayer I continue the fight to educate minds that still refuse to see. The light of knowledge that shows the way has been forbidden and kept too far hidden. The way to the future is for all to grasp. The light of hope that paves the way is right at our fingertips. With the knowledge that is shared we should begin to realize the solutions are there. To ease the burden of life’s overbearing struggles is ours for the taking. As I look to the future I wonder when history looks back I can’t say for certain how they will judge. but, one thing I am sure of I have always tried. Now, with the hour glass where time that was never on anyone’s side the future of the world hangs in the balance. Do we keep on this unsettling path or do we make that course correction to a much brighter, healthier and more prosperous future? Only time will tell.

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