The Already Depleted Resources and the Very Few Ways Out, Which Also Happen to Be Depleting Rapidly

So the requirements of man are narrowing down the alternatives. We must look to protect not only our environment, but also ourselves, and look to use minimum of earth’s non- renewable resources. Now, this is where it sounds like a Science lesson from Class 9, and this is the part where I must now discuss the various other sources of energy. But I would rather wind it up briskly.

While all the other sources of energy require using up earth’s limited resources, there are a few that utilise the earth’s daily processes. Solar power, wind power, geothermal energy and tidal waves are such examples.

All the above require earth’s continuous processes; they bank upon these to create energy without harming the environment on a similar scale, or even causing the source to be depleted. However, there is one that can be used anywhere (almost) and by anyone who has a little stack of money.

Solar power has seemed like a breakthrough technology. By utilizing the light emitted by the sun, one can generate electricity. This does nothing to harm the earth, and only uses what seems like a waste to the Giant Light-Bulb of the Solar System. The sun will burn its way through another billion years at least and that is a lot of time. The heat in the earth is relatively short-lived, and is not accessible to all. Of course, one cannot have the warm center of the earth for as long (relatively speaking, of course) and the waves of the sea and the wild west wind are not accessible to everyone. But the sun, it reaches out to the world, 15 hours a day! Tapping all that energy will not only decorate our rooftops, but help generate our own electricity, fuel our own appliances and vehicles, and perhaps, even use it for industrial power supply (in its early developmental stages). Wikipedia will tell you that solar power came around near 1970s, and this being its earlier developmental stages. In its earlier stages, a power source so usable, it could cover the roofs of the world. In future, there will be more efficient panels, cells that will be more conservative of the sun’s grace. I think we can imagine where this energy source is headed to. Undoubtedly, man must invest in its most usable, least polluting source of energy. Surprisingly, it is the most simple in its working process. It simply converts sunlight to electricity, without any fancy machinery or complicated processes.

Solar power is surely the more progressive, far more accessible source of energy. It must be put to more uses, and a far larger scale of application awaits it.

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