Somewhere In Time

As the years keep flying bye memories of the past resurface now and again. Somewhere in time the lost episodes of life have brought a sense of urgency to rekindle what could have been. There have been many chance encounters where decisions made or should have been made forever altered the direction we all take in life.

They say hindsight is nothing more than the realization that when we took that left turn we have since realized that we should have turned right. For many though have already turned left and failed to realize that they should have turned right instead.

But, somewhere in time lies other chances to make that right turn. The times of our lives so often affords us opportunities. Whether we choose to go left or right predicates the events that shape who we are and what we become.

History is filled with notable figures, both infamous and famous alike. The choices and decisions they have made have had a profound effect on our lives today. When historians look back to the times of today those notable figures many of whom are infamous characters have left a legacy of despair, anguish and despondency. Then there are those famous individuals who actually tried and in some ways succeeded in making positive changes in other peoples lives.

What life was like back somewhere in time where the tranquility and fluidly of ease of existence prevailed has long since disappeared. Replaced now by the tempestuous unsettling times and crisis of today. Those notable infamous characters have rewritten chapters of our existence crippling much of societies upward mobility.

The tight yolk of oppression lingers like a heavy fog around our nation today. The light of hope that existed back somewhere in time has yet to break through the dense mentality of those who still harbor resistance to ease the suffering during these times of great peril. For them they keep making left those turns. And as such the lives and livelihoods that are lost continue.

Just think to go back somewhere in time and rewrite the script of today for those who should have turned left instead of right what a difference the world would be today. But, instead we are left with those infamous individuals who continue to obstruct those who try valiantly to apply solutions to the many crisis of today. Somewhere in time lies the answers for mankind’s future.

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