Perpetual Motion

The perpetual motion of our world continues to spin societies out of control. With the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic has made much of humanity gasping for breath. The fresh air of confidence that mankind will eradicate this current scourge hinges on acknowledging what we are actually doing right now in retaliation to the great pandemic of the 21st century.

Against all odds facing the reality of what we are forcing on mankind when so much is at stake is paramount in having a healthy balance in every aspect of life on this planet. The fragile state of economies has been unsettled by inability of governments to implement strategic policies that would elevate the human condition to a point that man would be more than capable of surviving not only this pandemic but be able thrive and prosper.

The rise and fall of economies as with the circle of life has endured for centuries. But, what makes the decades leading up to the 21st century so discerning is that with all the scientific and technological advances we have too much of humanity is stuck in a vacuum void of the fresh air of equal opportunity for health and prosperity.

The scourge of pestilence and famine have now raised their ugly heads transporting millions back into an existence that only accelerates the growing plagues of humanity. The rich and infamous those heartless souls have orchestrated the chaos that has enslaved the rest of the world. These shadowy figures who wield so much power and wealth have neutralized any attempts to ease the suffering of the rest of humanity.

It is a known fact that our planet has the capacity and the capability to support all life forms. But, when the greed of man has overtaken rational and compassionate thought is where the world is no longer capable of producing all the vital necessities for life to grow and flourish. Man’s inhumanity to man and nature has rendered societies and our environment almost incapable of eliminating the evil that certain men continue to do.

The silence of so many has only re enforced the chaos that is being inflicted upon societies. In history during the Second World War the citizens around Auschwitz Germany knew what was happening but remained silent knowing that they too if they tried to intervene would become victims themselves. Today, much can be said that history repeats only with different cast members but the plot remains very similar.

To think that as a society in the 21st century we are still being manipulated to a point that our world has been set on a course not of our choosing. Too many factors in our lives actually have been orchestrated for the betterment of so few. By our own silence we have allowed a power structure to gain access to practically every aspect of our lives. Too many of us still can’t fathom that what occurs in our lives is somehow interconnected.

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