Our Complex World

I guess in memory is where one finds solitude of what used to be. Maybe it is just myself but lately the times of today just may justify my eagerness to live in a time of simpler tones. But, even then the world faced horrific upheavals. I still can’t help but thinking that today I came along too late. The memories of my father evoke a reoccurring afterthought of what life was like before the war.

The sheltered existence of my childhood as strange as it may seem rejuvenates my core beliefs that something is not right about the times of today. The actions and inactions of so many have dispelled any hope of redeeming factors that would make life more bearable and less obnoxious than what we are experiencing today.

The simple pleasantries as I now call them made life far less complicated than all the gizmos that are currently attached to societies today. Call me old fashioned and that’s suits me fine. With the world in a tailspin of many regrettable sins that have only fostered so much hate, bitterness, loathing, and greed have inexplicitly created the tempests that are engulfing the globe.

Somehow after all these years it wasn’t until after my father’s passing that I began to realize just how much influence he had on me. For he too thought his generation came along too late in stopping the great tribulations that engulfed the entire world in 1940’s.

The complexities of our existence now have underscored my ambition to visualize a world free from want, and free from fear. Now, as I reminisce of my younger years it would be so refreshing to once again rekindle the friendships that were forged when simpler times made my life so enjoyable. This was long before the complexities of life turned the world upside down. The tragedies and travesties that are happening now have only exasperated the complexities of our existence.

It would be so reassuring to put in practice many of the simpler things that made life far less complex. In doing so just maybe the world today would not be in such turmoil and millions the world over would be able to be beneficiaries of a less complicated existence. A world more balanced where coexistence is not just possible but assured.

A reality! That depends on just how soon mankind is willing to usher in the necessary reforms, and policy directives that would bring about that balance in our world today. We have to fully realize that the complexities of our existence just maybe are the root causes of so much trouble in our world today.

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