One More For The Road

In a time of a distant past where the days were filled with less complexity and the nights lingered on in joyous comradery is forever entrenched in my mind. It was a time where the mundane existence was actually filled with pleasantries.

Now, after much soul searching I can recall it was the summer of ’68. What a wild summer that was, especially in Chicago. Having finished summer courses at the university I stayed the rest of the summer at our families home in Lake Geneva. There on a late summer night while visiting College Camp of course there was a girl. We enjoyed those late summer days until labor day when we each went our separate ways.

I will always remember how the news of the world suddenly seem to change societies perception of the world. Maybe, the incense lost of that past decade is now inexplicitly linked to the onslaught of sociological changes that were beginning to sweep over the nation.

I have since traveled the world and have seen first hand the dire consequences of the sociological changes that began that summer of.68. We have now condoned more vulgarity while condemning Dr. Seuss. Where Mr. Potato Head is no longer a Mr. These an other travesties in realigning society are some of the ways that actually perplex my generation. Again, I wonder if today these are the end results of those sociological changes that began so long ago.

The sociological changes that are occurring have actually triggered more complexities in trying to rearrange society. Where it will end? This is what is so disconcerting. When you impose reassigning genders and when the norms of decades ago are no longer acceptable is serious cause to sound alarm bells. Even though they maybe outdated but to completely forsake them in the name of society advancing is nothing more than criminal.

Who would have thought back 60 years ago that the norms of society back then would vanish almost completely. The transformation from those days of innocence to one of more viewer discretion if you will, where the music almost dictated how society would shift from one norm to another and when government attaches certain procedure changes in curriculums have all made society I wouldn’t say evolve but shift to a point now of really no return. A return to those norms society had so long ago. In some ways some would say that is a good thing. But, I really wonder how far will it go?

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