Money-Saving Kitchen Renovation Tips

If you want to renovate your own kitchen, we can offer a few tips that can help you plan, install and make purchases wisely. As a matter of fact, you can save plenty of money by installing the cabinets on your own. Although this can cost you lots of time, you can get help from your friends.

Tips to Hang Cabinets

· First of all, you should remove the cabinet drawers and doors for easier installation. Moreover, this will help you save them from any damage during the installation process.

· In order to mark the location of the cabinets, you need a tape measure, a pencil and a level.

· Beginning in the corners, you can start installing the top cabinets first.

· At first, you should determine the location of the base cabinets. You should add the base cabinet height to the countertop thickness and then around 18 inches of space between the lower and upper cabinets.

· The floor should be level. If it’s not, you should look for the highest point on the same wall. This is the place where you will install the cabinets. Across the wall, you should mark a line and then attach a quality 2×4 ledger on the studs for support.

· On the backside of the cabinet, you should cut holes. They will be used for water lines.

· If you need cutouts for electrical boxes, you can use lipstick to trace the box and then put the cabinet in the right place. Now, join the lines, make a pilot hole and then cutout using a powerful jigsaw.

· Don’t forget to fasten the cabinet to the studs of the wall. Now, if a cabinet doesn’t hit both the studs, you can use a sturdy toggle bolt for securing it.

Finding Bargains

· When you are buying appliances, make sure you opt for floor models. Also, don’t forget to read up on the warranty. The dealer may extend the warranty for unloading them.

· For appliances, we suggest that you buy them early. A model that is one year old should be replaced with the latest model.

· You may want to get volume discounts. At some places, you can get discounts by buying in bulk.

· When buying doors and windows, you may want to do more than checking the big-box retailers. You may also want to check out your local suppliers. This way you can save up to 20%.

Gutting a Kitchen

· If you want to remove cabinets, you should unscrew them and then pull them off one by one. Using a sledgehammer is not a good idea.

· To disconnect the supply lines, make sure you use a bucket to remove leftover water.

· Also, before you use a sledgehammer, you can use a little hammer for making holes. This is to check the wall for plumbing or electrical stuff behind the wall.

So, if you have been looking for some money saving tips on your kitchen renovation, you can use these tips. These tips worked for many homeowners. Therefore, they may work for you too.

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