Midnight Madness

Someone once told me a long time ago that we are all part of a minstrel show. That has resonated through-out all these years. The craziness of our world today has been manifested to a point of utter confusion in regards to the imposed regulations that have been allowed to exploit all that is happening today.

Our imperfect world is being put on display. They have always said that history repeats. It is worth mentioning that the times of today mirror many of the missteps that were allowed to happen in our past. There is an old saying ” When fools rush in where wise men fear to tread” is again in the forefront of policies that are being imposed.

In correlating that statement with the events that have and are taking place today is a reminder that we have yet to learn the lessons that history is supposed to teach us. When we repeat t mistakes of the past we will always be failing to move societies forward. Mistakes always push societies backward.

Those who direct the flow of society now are more concerned not with moving societies forward but to herd the masses toward an inevitable end. An end far removed from the basic concepts of our Founding Fathers. And, today that end justifies their means only if we let it. The parallels of today’s realities is almost identical to George Orwell’s “1984 ” description of what our world is turning into.

Society today is being trampled by a juggernaut of censorship of those who seek truth, and justice. The great transfer of rational thought is being carried out by those who wield the sword of injustice. It has happened before. We have to be vigilant and be mindful of what history says about our future.

As many of us consider ourselves as citizens of the world we ought to be remindful that what we fail to do today will have lasting hunting repercussions for all of tomorrows. It is through history that should teach us forbearance of what our ancestors did. In reflection of things past have to be reminders of what we can and should do for today and for tomorrow.

Today, in the midst of so much intrusion in our daily lives where madness has uprooted sanity and reason we still have time to ward off the greatest upheaval of humanity since World War II. A future we dare not embrace is encroaching so stealthy hidden behind cloaks of deception. It is the cloak of deception that has already distorted truth and justice in our world. Cloaks of deception and deceit have always hidden the truth and where there is no justice there is only tyranny.

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