Is It Time For A New Kitchen?

Ah, the kitchen. Not only is it somewhere to prepare food, but it is also somewhere where people gather. Kids do homework at the kitchen table, friends hang out to chat with the cook at a dinner party, people sit around and chat any day of the week, no wonder it is deemed one of the most important rooms in a house.

Real estate agents say that the kitchen and the bathroom are important when you are ready to sell because if people like them, they’re likely to like the rest of the place. If they don’t because there is a lot of work to do then you may lose the sale all together.

So is your kitchen ready for a makeover? If it is, you should consider a few things before you start your project. First of all you should make a wish list of everything you want in your new kitchen. Have you always wanted an island? Do you dream of a second sink? Do you have cabinets that won’t open properly and wish that whoever had put them in had had a bit of forethought to actually using them? Do you desperately need more counter space?

Then you’ll have to consider your budget. If you can get all of your wish list then great, but if not, you’ll have to pare it down so that you get the things that matter the most to you and your family. Perhaps you want wider aisles so you and the kids can all be in the same part of the room without tripping over each other. Maybe it’s finding a designated drawer for knives that keeps them out of the way of the little ones but always there when you need them. Perhaps you are lacking in electrical outlets and you want way more in the new kitchen.

If you are happy with your kitchen design but it still looks tired you can do mini re-do and change out the taps, lighting, cabinet handles and even the counter tops so they look fresh and bright without breaking the budget. Whatever you choose, there are always professionals at the ready to help with everything from planning to rebuilding and everything in between. Have fun with it, since it’s the place everyone gathers, no matter what the day, no matter what the time. It’s your kitchen and it’s the place to be. has been serving the GTA for over 18 years. They provide quality and affordable custom kitchens utilizing Canadian made cabinetry with great designs that pay attention to every detail. Visit today to find out more.

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