Human Reaction To Global Events

There are allot of contributing factors as to why the world is the way it is today. We can trace human behavior and our subsequent responses to certain events to the beginning of human history. Humanity whose existence has always been filled with flaws have caused the world to tumble into a cataclysm of tempests as we are seeing today.

The perplexities of our existence too many of which were self inflected have created the many crisis we continue to face. The forbearance of our ancestors should have been the catalyst for removing the many of the stigmas and rational that have led to so many of the imbalances in societies that we have, Retribution has always contributed to the breakdown of society.

The ills that plague humanity cannot be solved by complacency, ignorance, apathy, or hate. The indoctrination of subsequent indifference is as problematic as the solutions to achieve actual harmony and peace for all of mankind. The gray areas of our existence can be eradicated by the perseverance of mans determination to bring balance in societies. One cannot help wonder if man is inherently incapable of distinction in realizing that we have always been prone to suffer from our actions without knowing those actions were actually the mistakes we made in the past.

When societies are not balanced all forms of problematic crisis always occur. If there was a a time that requires immediate resolve to recognize we keep repeating mistakes from the past this is it. When events unfold we too often react with a spontaneity with little of no conscious effort to equate to what our reactions are in relationship to similar events and reactions of the past.

As we marked the 20th anniversary of 9-11 brings to mind what we accomplished and what we actually did in those 20 years since. Though circumstances were different in the Viet-Nam era both events and subsequent military responses to Viet-Nam and Afghanistan were complete failures. And now while we remember 9-11 as well as we should there now has to be a conscious resolve to make sure our reactions to any future event, happening, natural disaster or not carries with it the responses made will avoid the mistakes we made in the past.

If we had realized we have made the world more hostile and many times more violent by our military actions since Korea the world today would be allot more stable. Our government ever since Korea has put military forces in harms way failed to understand what General of The Army General Douglas Mac Arthur warned about. Quote, “When war is thrust upon us we have to use every means possible to bring it to a swift end. The very object of military engagements is victory not prolonged appeasement.”

All the United States has been doing in every military action since Korea has been prolonged appeasement. The thousands upon thousands of lives needlessly lost, trillions of dollars wasted and nations left destabilized is the ultimate travesty of what we continue to do We failed to understand that the mistakes of the past have been repeated too many times. Though many thought Mac Arthur was a war monger but he understood what so few could understand of the savage brutality of what armed conflict actually does..

Until our elected officials and the public realize the failures in repeating similar responses for events in the past we will continue to remake the mistakes that were already made. The world cannot create the balance in societies that is so desperately needed when we fail to realize we are about to repeat the mistakes we have already made. Our continued efforts today to resolve international and domestic crisis still resembles repeating our responses to similar events that happened in the past. When will we ever learn.

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