Five New Ways To Use Aged Balsamic Vinegar

In the culinary world, there are always constantly changing trends in flavors and styles. As the publics openness to new and unique flavors widens, so to must the dishes and chefs who produce them change too. However, despite all the changes, some things always remain the same. The use of quality ingredients for example. Here are five new ways to use aged balsamic vinegar.

1. In cocktails

A good aged vinegar can be used in various ways. One of which will please nearly everyone- in a delicious cocktail. With its sweet flavors, it can be mixed with soda water to create the base for some very sophisticated and flavorful cocktails. Paired with a strong whiskey, the mixture can create a very unique flavor palette for new and classic cocktails alike. Try it in your next bourbon or rye whiskey based drink.

2. As a marinade

Creating your own marinade does not have to be a hassle. Start with a delicious aged vinegar and you can concoct your own personal family recipe marinade in no time at all. Simply using a delicious mustard and a quality balsamic can give you a great jumping off point. Mix in some onions, shallots, pepper, and spices and you may have the next secret recipe on your hands. Use it to marinate red meat, portabella mushrooms, and even tofu.

3. Create a reduction

This works best with a high quality aged product. Put some in a sauce pan and mix with sugar or brown sugar and even some cinnamon. Reduce it down into a sweet and complex flavored syrup that can be used to sweeten dessert or to add sauces to various savory dishes alike. The syrup can be drizzled over ice cream or used as a frosting for cake, pies, or pastries. The sky is the limit with reductions.

4. As a broth

Sprinkle some in your next dish that requires a broth and you will notice the complexity it adds. A deep and interesting sweetness can be added to braised dishes such as baked chicken, spare ribs, brisket, and even pork-belly. Sprinkle a reduction on the salad and you have the perfect side as well.

5. Soup

Try adding a good aged vinegar as the base for your regular soup recipe. You will find that a quality product will add a robust flavor that will bring out the sweetness in the vegetables and yet enhance the salty savory flavor of whatever dish you are making. Instead of using only bullion, replace with balsamic or throw in raw vegetables marinated beforehand. There are a multitude of ways you can elevate your flavor profile to the next level.

Who knew that this ingredient was so essential and versatile. Use it to enhance all of your future meals and to impress your friends at your next dinner party.

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