Enhancing The Human Condition

Back in college there was an old Professor that stood tall in lecture halls. A billowing booming voice that could wake even the sleepiest of us sitting in those God forsaken wooden chairs back when Universities were so barren of all the technologies and convinces of today. I remember as though it was yesterday. Professor Franklin we’d all called him. White shirt, bow tie, elbow patched brown sport coat, and always those gray trousers. Unmistakable were those trademarks. Everyone recognized Professor Franklin.

But, on a particular day in late fall the topic of his lecture was “Humanity, Humility, Benevolence, and Compassion In An Otherwise Uncompassionate World.” Vietnam was taking it’s toll on young men who couldn’t maintain their student deferments. Everywhere discontent among radical ideas permeated on almost every college campus. Still I remember sitting, yes in those God awful stiff wooden chairs listening with feverish intensity to Professor Franklin’s every word. What he said still resonates today. He said that everyone no matter their status in life, rich or poor, black or white, Catholic, Protestant or Muslim everyone has at some point in their lives has something so important, so relevant, or so profound to say or write. But, it is up to the rest of us to listen, to hear, or to see; for they just might say or write something so profound and so important that maybe the course of humanity would actually become more humane, more compassionate, and more benevolent toward their fellow man. Everyone has a story to tell.

And so Professor Franklin went on to relate that mankind all through-out history has weathered the extremes of the human condition. Deadly plagues, wars and other atrocities perpetrated by man humanity has managed to survive and even expand the human experience. The ingenuity of some through the ages have made it possible for societies to achieve a certain amount of affluence But, for millions the world over remain in suspension awaiting the time when they too can enjoy an enhancement of their own human experience.

The will to survive is within each and everyone of us. Against all odds the human race has managed to persevere and to some extent have made it possible for many to actually thrive. The dominant factor to why millions have yet to have their own human experience elevated has been and is predicated by others.

In the animal kingdom nature has dictated the strong survive and the weak perish, the sick die off while the healthy survive. Today, humanity through their ingenuity have made it possible to heal the sick and provide the means for better health and the ability to enhance the human experience. The sad reality is that too many are denied the means and the availability to be able to elevate their own human condition.

Now, we have to ask are societies able to implement the resources needed to enhance the human experience to the point that mankind is free from want and free from fear? Can mankind enable all to have the human experience elevated in order to create a balance in our world today? Sobering as these questions are they have to be addressed to save not only our planet but to save ourselves.

We have to realize that the world is experiencing dramatic changes in our climate, the social structure of societies around the world and the woeful lack of response from governments to implement the reforms and policy directives that would help create a more balanced world.

Some 50 years later the world that I once knew is no more. It is as though the world has forgotten, failed to recognize, and totally ignored the wisdom of what Professor Franklin lectured about those many years ago. When he spoke of Humanity, Humility, Compassion and Benevolence in an otherwise uncompassionate world little did he or I realize that today the alarming escalating rate of the number of instances where man has shown his inhumanity, his un compassion, and his extreme lack of benevolence toward man and nature has rendered practically every nation so impoverished that their future stability is in grave jeopardy.

Through-out history man has commandeered fresh water resources as a means to subjugate others to gain power and control. Today, with drought conditions reaching epidemic proportions through-out the world man has through the technological advances already made has the capabilities ease the suffering for millions who currently lack sufficient available fresh water. It is fresh water resources that are the most quintessential factor in enhancing the human experience all over the world.

From years of denial in what man has already done to mankind and our environment humanity is fast reaching a critical juncture in our history. Global warming has already caused catastrophic conditions through-out the world. And it is only getting worse. The results we are witness to today are devastating. Without fresh water available food sources diminish contributing to the growing insecurity of nations, the rise of infectious diseases, and the volatility of populations.

In the United States today with so many areas facing dire fresh water shortages it is imperative that Congress gets it’s act together. Unfortunately, the obstructionism that has dominated the political landscape for years has only exasperated the growing severity of the many crisis we as a nation are facing. Freshwater shortages continue to mount, food prices continue to surge, and today there is very little availability for affordable housing. All these and more have made the human experience for millions deteriorate to a point that many are hopelessly trapped with little or no hope of ever experiencing an elevation of their condition. It is too bad that Professor Franklin’s words have been forgotten.

In this the 21st century the human experience should have been elevated to where societies would be beneficiaries of all the scientific, medical and technological marvels that have been made. The inaction of our Congress and governments around the world in addressing and implementing the necessary reforms and policy directives that would greatly enhance the human conditions the world over is abominable. We are experiencing where there is great need today there continues to be great avoidance in mustering any real help to ease the burdens of so many.

The trials and crisis we face not only as a global community but as individuals remain unanswered. The power structure in which governments rule has been and continues to be the ones that could eliminate many of the existing crisis that are plaguing the world today. What we are seeing though by governments own volition is a overwhelming surge for the breakdown of societies.

The cause for direct action to thwart the devastating consequences of not intervening in preventative measures is critical to enhancing the human experience for all of mankind. Implementing the necessary reforms and policy directives that our technological advances have made possible is vital for the future of all humanity.

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