Eating Well – The Healthiest Way to Grill Your Food

One popular way of preparing meals for many people is to place the food directly on the grill and cook while enjoying the great outdoors. And, this can be a very healthy way to prepare your meals – if you are careful. If you aren’t, however, grilled food may do more harm than good to your body. The biggest problem with grilling is it can cause cancer-causing chemicals to develop in the food, which could then put you at an increased risk of disease.

Here’s what to know…

1. The Formation Of Heterocyclic Amines. Heterocyclic Amines, otherwise known as HCAs occur whenever protein food placed on the grill is overcooked or charbroiled. Meaning, its key you don’t overcook the food you are planning to eat.

The main factors influencing the formation of HCAs include…

  • the type of food,
  • the temperature of the grill, and
  • how long you are cooking the food.

The best one to control here is the temperature you plan to use. If you can keep your temperature below 500 degrees F, this will go a long way towards limiting the amount of HCAs found in your food.

2. How Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Come Into Play. The next factor to know about is Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, or for those who don’t have a Ph.D. in chemistry, PAHs. These are going to form when your meat or chicken forms a blackened crust on it, or when fat from the food drips down onto the hot coals and then the smoke seeps up into the meat or chicken.

PCAs develop as a result of…

  • the temperature of the cooking,
  • how long the food is being cooked,
  • the type of fuel used during the cooking process,
  • the fat content of the food and
  • the distance from the heat where you place the food.

Here, there are a few things you can control. First, grill leaner cuts of meat. Using leaner cuts of meat will reduce the rate of fat drippings, reducing the possible PAHs forming.

Secondly, place the meat higher up on the grill – use the top rack rather than the lower rack whenever you are grilling.

And finally, keep the temperature down once again. A lower temperature allows you to watch the meat more carefully and remove it before a blackened crust has formed.

Another smart thing you can do to control the development of PAHs is to marinate the meat in an acid liquid – one containing vinegar, lemon or lime juice. Marinating the meat will help reduce the total PAH formation, helping you consume healthier grilled food.

Keep these points in mind. Don’t let the above information scare you away from grilling, just be sure you are smart as you go about the process.

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