Do You Care About Product Warranties?

Warranty is a term which specifically is a written guarantee that is issued by manufacturers that the products would be repaired or replaced under some given circumstances, within a specified time period. However, it is the fine prints that should matter to you the most to see if that warranty is of any use to you giving substantial benefits that as a purchaser you may be expecting or is just a lip service.

If you are planning for a new commercial kitchen equipment set-up, it would be wise that you choose products that give you an extended warranty period. The more the better, however traditionally it is either for one-year or two-years. However, there are many companies these days who profess even up to five-year warranty on their products. In a scenario of intense competition, it is a big risk on the part of manufacturers. But, if it is true, then it would be nothing short of confidence on the part of the manufacturing companies, and more importantly a win-win situation for purchasers of equipment.

The world over, commercial kitchen equipment purchasers rely on minimum two-year warranty. But should you care much-is the question I will try to address.

Firstly, a warranty sets the tone for your initial investments. If you have a good warranty on paper, and not merely verbal promises, then it is always better to go with such warranties. At the same time, it is important to find out that the quality of the product is good enough as you wouldn’t be happy to avail too many warranties within two year, as that would decrease overall output and, hence, profitability. It will be an even-steven situation had you gone through a paid equipment correction.

Now, let’s also consider another scenario. Long warranties depict companies’ confidence about their products. They act as dependable assurances to you that you can have a blind faith on the products. If the brand is trying to establish itself in the market, it is bound to offer good quality products in order to create a good value proposition and an excellent brand recall value.

A constant innovation push is usually given by the new breed of companies, putting a lot of efforts on their R&D and hence, offer a better warranty period vis-à-vis their well-known competitors. Increasingly, giving quality assurance has become one of the parameters of defining successful products in the commercial equipment industry. Hence, it is logical to believe that a warranty, more often than not, will be able to protect your investments.

Needless to say, a good recce of products available in the market is the first thing one should do before taking a final call of purchasing an equipment. Apart from brand, quality and market presence, product warranty has emerged a needful concern of the investors. The initial two-years are definitely not income driven… while the companies try to breakeven their investments. And, for this particular reason, it is better to avoid incremental cost on equipment and machinery breakdowns. The industry norms are constantly changing. Warranty is not only seen to protect a consumer’s cause, but also seen as torchbearer of a manufacturer’s confidence and reputation.

So, it is you who has to make a choice whether attractive warranties are good propositions to go for or are something you can ignore. Even when you ignore long-term warranty, read the clauses of short-term warranty. The fine prints mention a lot of things that are important from the standpoint of short run and that could save you from breakdown and incremental expense horrors.

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