Are You A Finicky Food-Eater? I Have Healthy Tips

If you could relate your food habits to the statement “food is not my cup of tea”, you could deem yourself a finicky eater. And while there’s no set definition of a finicky eater, you could refer this to a person who is perhaps more than a bit choosy about his/her food.

So are you too one of those choosy kinds, who select their eatables really very carefully? Mind you! This could well reflect from your body. For instance, finicky eaters, many of the times, stay short in height.

Or sometimes, they are too skinny and while they wear clothes, you could term them ‘cloth-hangers’. If you are facing any such troubles in your life, you really need to ponder over what went wrong.

For if you are picky in your eating habits and wish to change, it’s really not easy to eat what you always hated. But when you wish to change, you really do have lots of options.

Here are some of the tips which the finicky eaters could use to benefit their body:

· If You Love It, Do Not Leave It: One of the troubles with the finicky eaters is that they could be in a habit of leaving food in their plates, after their tummy and mind orders them to get up from the place. So my very first tip would be to sit and keep sitting and eating, till you devour the last morsel out of your plate. When you picked something to eat, better not leave it to dust.

· If Some Healthy Foods Repel You, Pay No Attention While Eating: I really love this and live this too. Many times I hate the veggies which I get in my plate. So should I leave them or throw them? No! I rather eat them without paying any attention. How? By sitting in front of the idiot box or listing to music etc. With this, with a bit of effort, you could ignore the unappealing appearance or taste, but surely get the healthy nutrients out of them.

· Your Picked Foods Could Be Made Healthier: Again, just a bit of compromise- all for the sake of your health. You would be absolutely loving fries, pizzas, and sweetmeats etc. So from the next time, eat roasted or baked carrots instead of fried, whole grain pastas instead of pizzas and sweet yogurt instead of cheesecakes. While these are the healthier alternatives, these are almost as delicious as your previous products.

· Think About Your Health As A Motivating Factor: Though after a certain level of age you cannot grow your height, you could always increase your weight and turn healthy. Look at your body and see what it demands. If it tells you to get nutrition, better not let it be deprived of it.

· Just A Bit Of Workout: You could either schedule a gym or even workout at home. Just a bit of yoga and physical exercises and you would yourself experience the amount of enhance in your appetite, against the previous one.

If you are one picky eater like me, these are the tips which you could help your body a lot. Have a go at these for at least a couple of months and I would be waiting for your responses.

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