A Nation Torn From The Inside Out

As someone once said the times they are changing. I guess from a personal perspective no truer words could have said it best. Who ever thought that years ago our society would now be overwhelmed with not only a deadly pandemic but a world filled with hate, suffering and unimaginable horror where countless millions desperately cling to any shred of salvation from their daily misery. A far cry from the days when I was young.

There are many factors that have led the world to this point. The sociological shifts that have occurred have underscored the moral decay that has led to so many different variables in the ways society has shifted. A shift that perplexes so many of my generation. The days are grayer now. Gone are the times where many upheld virtues of decorum and a certain amount of chivalry. The etiquette that was displayed personified a more sedate and calmer realm of reality.

We would like to hold on to the past as much as possible but, there is always certain instances that keep many of us from enjoying the pleasantries that we were so fond of so many years ago. There always seems to be an invisible force that continually manages to keep pulling apart the very framework of the binding ties that unify a society.

The way we are today reflects the changes that have been occurring within the past 60 years. To pinpoint a definitive occurrences that characterized the so-called evolution of our society many can arguably say the music industry. The music industry has always influenced a shift to the way society reacts and behaves. But, it wasn’t entirely the music and entertainment industry that moved society to where we are today. More of the blame can be apply applied to the policies of government which in turn had a major influence on education. All of which has only exasperated what our society has become.

What we can say is that every generation has been impacted by the music of their times. Many regard music as reflecting the reality of their world, and the events that shape our reactions to those events. The events of the world around have always had profound effects on the daily lives of not only our society but others as well.

Now, there is no unifying rhythm that consolidates and unifies our society and nation. Our nation today is being torn apart from the inside out. When there is so much diversion, division, and deception occurring simultaneously the chances are the further our society strays away from what is good and virtuous to one of deceit and dishonor.

When we look at what is actually happening within we see a deterioration a decline of basic civility toward others. We have failed to adhere to the basic moral values that were instilled in people generations ago. We have found out that the tempo of our existence today has just become as chaotic as life is for millions the world over.

It is quite apparent that if more of our youth had been exposed to the classics right from birth could it be arguably said life today would be allot less chaotic and depressing. Like education for which due to government intervention in curriculums for the past 55 years subsequently this nation has lost 4 generations that were being exposed to deteriorating educational standards. Make it 5 generations due to this current Pandemic. The deteriorating quality of education of our youth has also impacted the deteriorating quality of life for millions of Americans.

In certain sections of the country have realized what has been happening in education and are now trying to reverse the direction. Unfortunately much of the rest of the country still is incapable of. Education, music, and the entertainment industry are not the sole engineers of the orchestrated way society has shifted. Governmental policies and Supreme Court decisions have also had a hand in the way society has shifted.

Sure, society today has some very good and basic qualities. There is more tolerance and acceptance of inner racial and same sex marriages. But, we still have a long way to go to put out the flames of hate and bigotry that have always kept this nation from coming together in a fellowship and brotherhood of mankind.

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