A Kitchen Sun Room

A kitchen renovation can add money to your home and is one of the most important things that perspective buyers look at. A renovation can also freshen up your space and get you those items that you’ve always wanted; things like a kitchen island or a new sun room to enjoy your breakfast in.

Sun rooms are also sometimes called three season rooms as you can enjoy them throughout the spring, summer and fall, but there are some that you can enjoy year round making them great additions to your home. Not only are you getting more square feet but you are bringing the outdoors inside and creating a great space for your kitchen expansion.

Some people use their sun rooms as breakfast rooms, and if you are lucky enough to have full sun in the morning you will have a breakfast bathed in natural light. If it’s raining no problem, you won’t get wet but you can still have the windows open to allow for the scent of the rain to enter.

Some people use their sun rooms for relaxing, curling up with a good book or playing games with the family. Yes, they are extra rooms but you can use them like any other and create more space in the process.

If you are creating an extra room off of your existing kitchen you may want to move your table and chairs into it which will create a separate dining room while allowing you more room in the actual kitchen. Likewise, extra storage in the form of a hutch, cabinets or shelving can accent both rooms while allowing you extra room for all of your things. Some may think of their sun room as an extension of the kitchen, having it all match and feature the same flooring for a seamless look but you can also have it as a separate entity, the choice is always wholly yours.

Just a few things to remember when planning a sun room is to make sure any windows that open out won’t interfere with important outdoor space like a seating area or walkway and that you won’t have any large trees outside that will block the light entirely or you have defeated your purpose. Trees to the side that give shade will be ideal as you then have a climate controlled area to enjoy.

They are versatile and they are beautiful: they are sun rooms!

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