Steps to Buff a Car

The process of buffing a car removes a layer of paint off a vehicle, which exposes another layer. As a result, the process reinstates the original luster of the car improving the overall appearance of the vehicle. Given below are some steps to help you buff your car.

Wash the Car

First off, you should wash the car properly and then park it in shadow. Just make certain that the vehicle surface is cool. Actually, this is to protect the surface of the car from soap stains.

Put the soap in a bucket: Now, you should put the soap in a bucket. Keep on adding water until you can see that the water is full of foam. Also, make sure that you use soaps made for washing cars.

Use a sponge: You should get a sponge and put it into the water. After a while, take the sponge out of water, squeeze it and then start cleaning the car with it. Make sure that you move the sponge properly in a circular motion.

Choose a Buffer

For fine results, it’s better to work with a high-speed buffer as they are better at eliminating blemishes and scratches thoroughly. However, make sure you practice using this type of buffer.

Orbital buffer: for better results, we suggest that you try out a random orbital buffer. The great thing about these buffers is that they are not hard to use. Moreover, random orbital buffers make use of less compound relatively. Therefore, they are cost-effective.

Manual buffing: if you can’t bear high costs, use manual buffing. However, keep in mind that manual buffing requires a lot of effort, and the results won’t be impressive. On the other hand, manual buffing doesn’t require lots of equipment.

Compound or polishing product: you can also buy a compound of polishing product for best results. If the finish has deep scratches, you should go for this option. On the other hand, polisher is used when the body paint is good but needs better shine. Actually, this decision will vary based on the model, age and condition of the car. With the buffer, you can use either of the products. You can ask your friends, or good car aficionados for product recommendations.


First of all, you should dry your vehicle with a soft towel. In order to make sure that the vehicle is dry, you should work on the whole unit.

Next, you should apply lots of compound or polisher to the car body. Ideally, you should start with the hood.

Put the buffer on your quality polishing product and then move it around for proper application. Moreover, you should use circular motions for buffing each area of the vehicle.

Moreover, if you are going to use a good powered buffer, you should switch the product on and then move your quality buffer in a circular motion.

You should keep on buffing your car on the surface of the car until you can see sheen on it. That is it.

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