Design Models For Durable Truck Storage

One of the fastest ways to lose expensive tools is throw them in the back of the truck and speed off to the next job. Not only do they get damaged and end up with missing parts, but they also become prime targets for thieves. To prevent such tragedies here are a few examples of securely designed truck additions for repair and construction workers.

High Sided Full and Partial Door units offer security along with an easy retrieval system. Depending on the size and shape of tools, a full side allows easy access all the way to the bottom. Partial door enclosures inherently have a deep lip to prevent drills, saws, and other items from sliding out the front when opened. When small parts need an organized place, either of these styles also come with choices of 2 or 3 drawers where precision measurement tools and other high tolerance equipment remains safe.

For the crews who install and repair small or large appliances, the Low Profile, and Gull Wing models offer doors that open almost full height. They mount topside and provide easy access to the keyed locks for faster retrieving of hand tools and extension cords, as well as small parts, boxes of coupling and assorted accessories. Even multi-meters and gauges remain safely secured inside and out of the weather.

It seems impossible for a person to have too many wrenches, and a free-standing drawer model allows plenty of room to group and secure two of each type of wrench. There are also chests that house gas bottles safely and securely when installing gas lines and feeds. Thick steel drawers also make room for additional supplies and a large assortment of nuts, bolts, and washers. For large crews there are Job Site units where different shifts of workers have access to the same tools and most models have shelving accessories.

What a shame to waste space, especially on a work truck when there is room under the rig to mount storage facilities. Made from high-grade steel, these under and above body chests make an excellent place for general bulky items. Some of them mount with chains, others with large bolts and some have heavy duty fitted frames that the units slide in for security.

Whether headed out for a large construction site, or a repair for the In-Laws, you want your rig to look good and have reliable tools. The best way to protect them and maintain proper operation means organizing them in fully lockable and mobile Ute Tool Boxes.

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