Working From Home With a Cat or Dog… Is It Possible?

If you are a cat lover or a dog lover, then working from home might seem like a dream!

After all, you now have the option to work with company from a pet all day. That’s great for them and for you…

Until you actually try it. That’s about when you realize that this is a huge challenge with a large number of logistical and practical obstacles.

Is it even possible? And how can you survive?

The Challenge

Of course, the issue is that pets want attention. Your cat may very well decide it wants to come and sit on your keyboard, while your dog might have a tendency to nudge your leg with their head until you play with them.

This isn’t always the case! Some dogs (older ones in particular) will happily curl up on the couch behind you all day. Some cats are loners and really would rather you didn’t pay them any attention!

So this is certainly possible, depending on the kind of pet you have.

There are also some things you can do to make life easier for yourself.

Morning Walk

One option is to go for a morning walk, or to play with your pet early in the morning. You don’t have a commute, so you have a bit of extra time for this. This is a good way to make sure that you stay active prior to your working day, and it’s a good way to help them get tired out before you need to get things done.

Shutting the Door

Another tip – and it might feel harsh – is to shut the door.

Your pet won’t like this at first. They will cry and bark and scratch at the door! But remember: you are going to see them many times throughout the day. You can play with them at lunch, you can walk them as soon as you finish work, and you can pet them when you go out for coffee. That’s much more than they otherwise would have had.

But it also means that you can get the quiet you need to focus. This is something they will get the idea about sooner or later, it just requires a little training.

Otherwise, you can let them in the same room with you, while sectioning off the area where you will be sitting.

Make sure that office and the rest of the house is free from things that they can destroy or tamper with to get your attention! Do that, and you might just settle into a pleasant symbiosis. And you’ll both love the company!

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