Tips on Entertaining Indoor Cats

Most cat lovers are advocates of interactive play with their pets. However, many of them cannot be around all the time. There are surefire ways to let your feline friends have fun, yet stay safe when you cannot be there to supervise them.

Adopt a Friend

Contrary to what other people say, cats are not loners. They are social animals that love to have a friend, especially when they are adopted with another as a youngster. Two cats can entertain one another when you are not present. They battle each other rather than focus on ripping your sofa.

Provide Cheap Pleasures

Cats don’t care about the money you spend on them. They can find entertainment in an empty box or paper bag. When you leave a ping pong ball in an empty bathtub, they will enjoy patting their paw. The tub also prevents them from booting under the furniture. Go for lightweight toys that make noise and are easy to bat around. Adding cat trees or tunnels keep cats occupied and enrich the surroundings. Give fresh catnip so your cat will have an all-time high. They will doze it off and stay away from your breakables.

Provide her with Kitty TV

DVDs and kitty channels offer lots of visual entertainment to cats. However, many cats would rather watch something real. Place a bird bath and some feeders close to your cat’s favorite lookout to have long hours of entertainment.

Different Kinds of Play

Social play is playing with other felines or humans. This could mean a tag game with siblings or grasping your toes. Kittens from 9 to 16 weeks of age are very active in social play, then this decreases afterward.

Object play is playing with toys. For cats, anything can be a toy, even the breakable fine china on your table. Their play behavior is stimulated by both sound and motion, and cats have the tendency to react eagerly to vertical movement to their line of vision.

Self-directed play is playing with themselves, like chasing their tail or pouncing on make-believe objects. This happens when they have no playmate, and as an alternative for social play.

Locomotory play is when the cat is simply in motion. This can include running solo and pouncing on make-believe targets, or involve others.

The bottom line is, cats play to have fun. It is normal for them to be serious about play time. Though some cats are more playful than others, all felines benefit from all the fun and play time in terms of physical and emotional well being. If you will travel, plan ahead and get special toys for your cat. This way, your kitty may even influence you to leave.

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