The One Career Self-Assessment I Recommend The Most

After spending decades in Human Resources and over nearly 20 years as an Executive Coach, I’ve seen (and taken) my fair share of career and personality assessments. There’s the Kolbe, Foursight, Myers-Briggs, Strength Finders, DiSC, Brain PathWays, Personal Insights, Life Styles Inventory, and I even created my own Change Management assessment. All of them serve a purpose and have a distinct application to help you discover yourself and your patterns of behavior.

The popularity of these tests continues to thrive. They are as addicting as makeover TV shows!

Here’s my question: Are you using what you have learned from these tests, and where is that learning taking you in your career journey?

Let’s go back to the makeover TV show comparison for a moment. Often individuals who had a makeover let the style go, and some even go back to what they had before. Why? Because we are creatures of habit and have a hard time re-programing our brains to respond or act differently. No matter what assessment tool you use, you must not only find the right tool for your needs, but have the discipline to stay on top of it!

So, having said all that, I want to introduce you to yet ANOTHER assessment! It’s called The Birkman Method, and here’s why you should seriously consider using it. The Birkman Method is the only assessment I’ve found that truly captures underlying needs. It examines your personality and perceptions in a social context and combines behavioral and occupational data in one assessment. I have found it more beneficial than any assessment I’ve ever taken, and now use it on a regular basis with my clients.

There are needs that individuals crave from their environment and the people around them, as well as other more specific and unique needs.

The Birkman Method has been around since the early 1950s and has been translated into over 22 different languages. It’s probably one of the most validated assessments out in the market.

To support that fact, a variety of companies use it for things like the hiring/selection process, management coaching, employment development, teambuilding, and it is widely used for students in high school or college who need help finding a career that will fit them.

Many job-seeking clients of mine love The Birkman Method because it describes the kind of environment/culture that works best for them and that will meet their NEEDS.

When working with clients who want to develop the career they already have, it provides over 40 reports that showcase places an individual can build upon and grow themselves.

In the end, no matter what assessment you take, make sure to go back and review it and find someone who can help you make constant applications of its teachings. If you want to change yourself for the better, you have to start applying it on regular basis. DO that, and it could change your world.

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