Nail The Look For Your Interview

We all get nervous when we have to go to a perspective job interview. We get jitters and are always anxious about the outcome as well as the process. Interviews are mostly very formal and it depends on the company that you are being interviewed for. As the day of the interview approaches, we forget about the material preparations and start worrying about our outfit.

It is very important to look absolutely perfect for that interview. The best way to know what to wear is by doing research. You should be completely aware of the companies work, your job profile and if possible the work environment. If you are aware about that all this then it is easier to decide if you need to go completely formal or something semi-formal or just anything works, do you buy jewelry to add to that or wear something you have. Mostly your outfit depends on the job that you are taking up and the kind of work you do.

But before we go there here are some basic rules to follow:

1. Know your comfort zone

It is very important to be comfortable in what you wear. So choose an already tried and tested combination of clothes and if you do buy a new outfit, wear it at home and see if it’s completely comfortable. Choose dark colors to avoid sweat marks or the outfit becoming see-through, in case of a mishap like dropping water on you. Don’t fidget with it and make sure you feel confident in what you wear otherwise you will be very self-conscious.

2. Black is not always right

Don’t go all black for your interviews; it’s too dark and too dull. The interviewer will constantly be looking for some color in you. Wear black but add a bit of color to it. Use a scarf or printed blouse or even buy jewelry that is vibrant and chic. Keep yourself smiling and upbeat to keep that black look vibrant and not depressing.

3. Shoes are equally important

When you go for interviews, the interviewer notices everything so don’t for a minute thing that you can get away with wearing something that is not formal or does not match. Never choose a new or uncomfortable pair of flats or heels, you will end up with shoe bites and will not be able to walk confidently because of all the pain. Avoid wearing brightly colored pairs, you can go for paste or printed ones that are more subtle and not over-powering.

Here are some basic pointers that are valid for any type of interview in any field:

  • Don’t be worried about out dressing your interviewer; in fact you have to do that. Add a blazer to your formal outfit or wear heels instead of flats even if you have to carry the heels in your bag for the travel. Buy jewelry that matches your outfit perfectly and adds a little bit of color, but not too much,
  • Don’t overdo your make-up and hair. Keep it minimal and natural. Choose a nice lip-color along with minimal make-up is all you need and let your hair be natural, max to max straighten them, but don’t curl or crimp them.
  • Have clean, shaped nails. Chipped nails with chipped nail paint are a big no and so are sparkles or bright neon paints. Go for a nude or a light pink just to make them presentable.
  • Don’t over spray. Please don’t walk into that room smelling that you sprayed a whole bottle of perfume on yourself. Just a dab is enough; better yet ditch it and just use deodorant to smell fresh and that’s it.
  • Use a nice well maintained satchel or tote bag preferably in classic leather. Don’t use your daily use bag which has scuffs, pen marks or food stains. If all you bags have stains, buy one for the interview, it will be worth the expense.
  • Don’t go sky high with your heels. Keep them mid- high or even kitten heels high. It is not a good choice to go for the 6 inches high heels you bought the other day.

Not many choose to wear jewelry except for the earrings on interviews, but you can buy jewelry depending on your job profile and add the extra edge to your look over the others.

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