Job Interview Mistakes I’ve Witnessed

I’ve been in management since 2012 and I must say, I’ve met quite a few interesting people. Most of these people are the ones that I’ve had to interview for a position at my employer at that time. One thing I realized over the years is that people no longer have guidance when it comes to searching for jobs and preparing for interviews. When did this issue happen? Is this the case everywhere and not only in my city? In this post, I wanted to share with you guys five job interview mistakes I’ve witnessed as an interviewer. Let this be a “What NOT to do in your next interview” tip sheet.

1. Not dressing up for the interview. Is this a shocker to anyone else? When did people forget that you must look presentable at a job interview? I’ve had people show up in jeans and a t-shirt, basketball shorts and a tank top, and work uniforms from other jobs. The worst I’ve probably seen is a bathing suit… Underneath super short shorts and a halter top of course.

2. Bringing friends to the interview. Yep, you read that right. I’ve had applicants bring their friends to their interview. It’s a damn shame when I have to ask their friend to let me have a minute alone with the applicant just to get the interview over with.

3. Showing up late (or not showing up at all!) This should be common sense. Be on time for the interview. We all know that common sense isn’t very common. I’ve even had people not show up for the interview, and then call back a few weeks later to ask if they could reschedule. A phone call would have been great.

4. Showing up to the interview under the influence. I guess it was their way of calming their nerves because we all know how stressful interviews can be. I mean, really though? I guess you didn’t think I could smell you, huh? Or maybe you thought you could hide the glaze in your eyes…

5. Being rude to the employees. You would think that a person coming in for an interview would, at least, be nice to the people who already work there. Some cases when the manager you’re interviewing with makes you wait a few minutes before starting the interview, they’re actually testing you. Now, I say SOME cases because I don’t know how other managers work, but that’s usually my intention. I want to see how you interact with my employees and I will ask them for feedback after you leave. There’s no way I would hire anyone who causes tension within my team.

Now, let me just say that there is WAY more things I’ve seen as far as bad interviews go. As a matter of fact, let me include a bonus:

6. Not silencing a cell phone before the interview. This was my most recent interview experience. This guy’s phone starts ringing in the middle of the interview. He pulls his phone out of his pocket to silence the ringer. He apologizes to me and I think he puts the phone on silent. His phone rang TWO MORE TIMES before the end of the interview!

If you found this information beneficial, please share with others. I would like to provide other tips and advice about the job searching process and I need feedback! Leave a comment below if you have a question about job searching and interviewing. If you are a manager or business owner with employees, what are some of the craziest interviews you’ve had?

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