Do You Own the Cat or Does the Cat Own You?

If you say you are a cat owner, what makes you so sure that you are really one? Who provides her feline with all her needs? Who always gives in to the demands of her little dictator? Who can be controlled with just a stare of her kitty?

In case you recognize the following scenarios, your “owner” standing in your home may have been changed without even knowing it.

The Cat Eats Whatever She Wants to

Tell the truth. You have probably presented your feline pet with a variety of cat foods, yet he has turned his nose away from them. Humans that cats own are aware that when you discover the food they like, you have to stick with it. This may be a particular flavor on an odd day, and some other flavor on an even day, which is placed in the microwave for eight seconds and presented on beautiful china. Is this not letting him eat with pleasure?

You Can Never Move the Cat

You are sure that your cat owns you when you often work near your cat wherever that could be. This could include folding laundry at a later time when you see him sleeping inside the basket, going over him to prepare lunch when he is lying on the floor of the kitchen, refraining from using the vacuum cleaner when he is near, or choosing another chair when he is occupying your usual seat.

You Always Buy Cat Toys

Throughout the years, you have purchased lots of balls, little mice and bouncy or squeaky cat toys. After playing with them for a few minutes, he becomes bored, but you continue to bring home toys for a brief moment of happiness. Even if you are aware of this, you don’t mind at all. It is all worthwhile to please your cat.

You Fill Up Your Phone with Cat Pictures

When you bring out your phone, check the number of cat pictures as compared to the number of pictures of human family members. How far should you go through photos of your furry pet to reach your jolly spouse or kid? There is nothing more to say.

You Have Different Sources of Water

There is no reason for your cat to go downstairs just to drink. This question is very reasonable when you are owned by your cat. You may have water dishes and cups of water in many different rooms in the house. When your cat sticks his nose inside your water glass, do you scold him or let him drink to his heart’s desire, and get some other glass? When the latter is your answer, your cat owns you.

Even if you say that you are the boss, when it comes to this, are you really? Even with all your best efforts to oppose this, it would be best to resign from your position and let yourself be a kept human. This is since you will never win this battle.

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