Cat Caring 101 – Avoid Making Your Cat Anxious

Some people use punishment as a way to discipline their cat. This is certainly not the solution, as there are other ways to correct a bad behavior. While punishment could lessen the problematic behavior, it does not resolve the underlying problem. Since your cat is not aware of her wrongdoing, she does not know what to do next. Your feline pet does not understand that some behaviors are not pleasant; punishment will only be casual and meaningless to her. She will just become anxious and cautious. Also, she may associate some unrelated parts of the situation like people or pets with the reason for punishment.

You bring out the crate only when it is time to go to the vet.

Most cats are placed inside the crate during stressful circumstances, like going to the vet or groomer. They may learn to hate their crate, and some will even hide or struggle just to keep them from going inside. You should encourage your cat to go inside her carrier and have fun everyday, so that it would be less stressful for both you and your cat to take her to the vet, grooming place or other places, in which she needs to stay insider her carrier.

You think it is amusing and harmless to scare your cat.

There are videos showing cats frightened by cucumbers. You may find it hilarious, but it is not so for a cat. Surely, people do not intend to cause any harm to their cats when scaring them. However, they are not aware of the problems resulting from this so-called “funny” behavior. Cats that get startled repeatedly can become neurotic and cautious or even refrain from venturing into places that used to be safe to them. It is even particularly dangerous to scare cats in places where she usually eats or drinks, since she will avoid going to these areas. So, she may not get the right nutrition she needs, which may lead to health problems. This is certainly no joke.

You think your cat is contented about sleeping the whole day.

Cats are naturally born hunters, but may not have the chance to hunt in a way that is acceptable to us. Usually, cat owners think that their pets have lost their desire to hunt and just like to bask under the sunlight the whole day. However, when her hunting instincts are not used in a constructive manner, she may turn to scratching fixtures, climbing up curtains and running after other cats. Otherwise, she could sleep the whole day and miss out on the exercise needed to maintain her ideal weight and good health. The best way to address this concern is to let her “hunt” for her own food. Serve portions of her food in food puzzles or else, place kibble in different spots of the home where she usually goes to, such as her perches, to find food by herself. You can play a hunting game and in the end, give her a treat or cat meal.

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