How To Take A Dog With You On A Cruise

Taking your beloved canine buddy with you on a cruise vacation might sound like fun, but you will find opportunities, for such amazing trips quite limited. Even cruise lines that will accommodate you will not allow your dog to sleep in your room or let it have a run on the ship. Instead, your dog might spend most of their time away from you in an on-board kennel. If you still wish to bring your dog to the cruise, then it’s best you do some research and planning beforehand.

Step One

First, you need to find a ship that allows pets. While many cruise ships accept service dogs, which assist the blind, but the vast majority of ships don’t have the equipment to handle canine passengers. There are some exceptional cruise ships that do allow pets on board, but it’s best that you check with the cruise line or a travel agent to see if the cruise line allows taking pets along.

Step Two

When you are making reservation find out about kennel availability, and reserve it as soon as possible. For example on Queen Mary 2, Kennel space is extremely limited, so if you don’t book it in advance, you might not get any free space.

Step Three

Before you step on that cruise ship, make sure you have proof of the health certifications and vaccinations of your dog from the veterinarian. Especially get the evidence that your canine friend is rabies proof. You probably will need these documentations to get your dog onboard, or you will need them if you are travelling by air.

Step Four

Check with the agriculture department or embassy of any countries you might be visiting on the cruise to be certain that your dog meets their entry requirements.

Step Five

Notify the cruise ship if your dog has any special needs, such as medications or dietary requirements. The cruise kennel staff might be able to accommodate the dietary needs, but you will have to bring sufficient medication to last the entire voyage.

Step Six

Check with any hotel and airline that you will make use of before or after the cruise for pet policies. Most airlines do allow air travel for pets but policies vary from time to time and often it requires advance preparations. Hotels might ask for additional fee for your dog or not allow pets at all.

Step Seven

For your pets comfort pack it’s special bedding or toys so that your dog feels comfortable on the cruise line. Check with the cruise line that you can bring personal stuff for your dog. Visit your dog regularly if it’s staying at the ship’s on-board kennel.

Make sure you check out these things before you go on a trip with your dog and everything will be just fine.

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