Tips For Dog Owners On How To Prevent Grass From Turning Brown

A lawn is one of the perfect places for both humans and pets. It’s a great area for individuals and families to play with their dogs and engage in other fun activities.

Unfortunately, dogs will want to do something else on your yard: urinate on it. Dog pee isn’t one of the healthiest things for your grass. When your turf is constantly being deluged with dog urine, your grass will turn yellow or brown – a sign of unhealthy lawn. In addition, yellow and brown spots on your lawn are simply unappealing and not good to look at.

If you have a dog and your canine friend pees on your lawn all the time, below are some tips for preventing dog urine from killing your grass:

Spot train your dog. In case your yard is the private bathroom of your dog, the best way to prevent yellow and brown spots is to train your dog to pee on just one part of the yard. This means taking your dog outside to a particular spot, wait for him or her to go, and then give your pet a treat and praise. Training your pet will work regardless of your dog’s age although you would have an easier time doing so if you have a new puppy. Although a small portion of your lawn will still die, you will still keep the rest of the yard lush and beautiful.

Water the area where the dog peed on immediately. In case your dog still pees on different areas of your lawn, you can minimize the effects by watering these places immediately after your pet does the deed. Water effectively dilutes the urine and keeps the grass from turning yellow or brown. Although this is still a short-term solution and will entail wasting water, it will help keep your grass looking green and healthy all the time.

Incorporate tomato juice in your dog’s daily diet. Lastly, if you’re not up to potty training your dog and watering certain areas on your lawn all the time, vets recommend adding tomato juice to your pet’s diet. Add a bit of tomato juice to your dog’s meal by mixing it in with his or her food. According to experts, tomato juice neutralizes the pH level of the dog’s urine and as such, won’t harm the grass too much. Also, the tomato juice will prevent brown spots that dog urine causes due to the amount of salt in the tomato juice. The salt content will make the dog thirsty and cause your pet to drink more water and naturally dilute his or her own urine.

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