Stunning Custom Cabinets Update the Look of a Home

Custom cabinets may be the right solution for the dilemma presented by older homes that, despite their undeniable charm, lack adequate storage spaces. Built-in storage provides solutions to clutter and overcrowding problems while keeping, and even enhancing, the look and feel of classically styled rooms.

In the Kitchen

Often small and cozy, kitchens before the turn of the century were practical and notably lacked places to store blenders, food processors, and other modern culinary necessities. By purchasing made-to-order cupboards, homeowners can choose the finish, style, and size of storage that best fits the home. Options range from solid wood to a durable thermo-bonded melamine finish. If choosing wood, custom cabinetry companies often offer a much broader choice, including local or domestic hardwoods that can lessen the impact on the environment.

In the Bedroom

When many older homes were built, closet space was an afterthought because previous generations relied on armoires for storage. Instead of buying a premade option that may not perfectly fit the bedroom, a custom wardrobe can be cleverly integrated into the area to create storage for clothing and linens without taking up a significant amount of floor space. The wardrobe can be built floor-to-ceiling, which can help save time during spring cleaning by eliminating the need to dust on top. Custom lighting can illuminate the wardrobe interior when the doors open, allowing one individual to get up and get dressed without turning on the overhead light and waking up their spouse or partner.

In the Living Area

Custom cabinets and entertainment centers in the living area can create a unique focal point in any home. It’s easy to purchase a new system only to realize that it is too big for the space and does not exactly match the interior design features found in older homes. Homeowners can have their custom cabinets constructed with their desired dimensions, and the design professionals from the company can offer advice about the best size. A common consideration is door material and style. Glass paneled doors create a more modern feel while wooden doors preserve the classical feel in older homes. Entertainment systems can also include hidden features like space for wires and specialized ventilation. Drawers and shelves designed to hold DVDs and electronics can also create storage for an entertainment system. Entertainers will love the option to include a mini fridge in the center, which can impress guests when the host or hostess does not have to travel to the kitchen to retrieve refreshments.

In the Bathroom

Space in the bathroom, one of the most-used rooms in a home, is premium. Toiletries, towels, and other necessities can be kept neatly organized. Consider either a floor-to-ceiling cupboard or raised storage installed over the commode or sink for maximum use of the available space. Durable finishes are available, providing scratch and moisture resistant surfaces that will last.

By choosing customized solutions, homeowners have the opportunity to get exactly what they want rather than trying to fit less functional and stylistically incompatible furniture into an older house.

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