Environmentally Friendly Redecorating Tips


Cabinets are a household essential, but that does not mean that consumers have to harm the environment. Instead of purchasing new cabinetry, scrap wood can be used to make shelves that can be used to store cups and plates. Scrap wood can also be sanded down to make beautiful cabinetry with a natural appearance.

If scrap wood is not an option, there are still environmentally friendly alternatives. Bamboo cabinetry is often safer for the environment for a couple of reasons. First, bamboo takes less time to reach the maturity that it needs to in order for it to be harvested, meaning that it will not become close to being extinct, like some trees are. Second, bamboo is often more durable than some woods, making this product ideal for home owners that want something that looks unique but lasts awhile.

Bamboo does still come from the environment so it may not be as environmentally friendly when compared to using scrap wood for shelves and cabinetry, but bamboo is a nice alternative to wood cabinetry.

Use Nature

The world is full of wonderful things that can help a home look unique, like the bamboo used for cupboards. Large tree branches can be used to make some new shelves for the living room. Need some rustic end tables? Use tree stumps instead of spending money on pricey glass and metal tables.

Home owners that love the appeal of flowers outside can up cycle a few concrete blocks to plant them in instead of spending money on products that will also harm the environment. These ideas aren’t just better for the environment; they are also a bit easier on the wallet.

Flowers can be used to liven up any living area. Homeowners can pick a bouquet of fresh grass and flowers, and then use their findings to decorate end tables and more throughout the home. This is also a great way to decorate according to season. Acorns will complement fall d├ęcor and pine cones can be used to add charm to a Thanksgiving table.

Furniture and carpet

Furniture and carpet can be environmentally friendly too. As more homeowners become interested in going green, more and more carpet retailers are offering more eco-friendly materials for carpet. Ditching the carpet all together is another great option.

Furniture is mostly made of wood, but up cycling some used furniture is always a great alternative to buying new. Thrift stores often have great deals, and some sand paper and a coat of fresh paint can make any piece of furniture look like a brand new addition to a living room or outdoor patio set.

Many people choose not to decorate their home in environmentally friendly ways because of the stereotype that it will be too expensive. Some products, like special lightbulbs, may be more expensive than the alternative, but lessening the carbon footprint that we leave behind on the earth is priceless. Homeowners that do not want to spend the extra money can still use these decorating tips to help their home be more green than ever before without have to empty their savings accounts.

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